Thursday, August 24, 2006



that is the only way to describe this week -- i really under estimated the amount of work involved in this job -- it has been pretty hectic -- and i am figuring out how to say NO -- which is really important sometimes

Sometimes saying NO to something extra at work means i can say YES to coloring with my children - or reading them that extra book at bedtime -- and you know what -- IT IS O.K. to say NO -- it doesn't make me a slacker - it doesn't mean i am not a HARD WORKER -- but i have to keep it ALL in PERSPECTIVE -- i took this job because it had GREAT HOURS and it would BE FUN -- if i get caught up in doing everything for everyone else there may not be enough of me LEFT OVER for my FAMILY -- and that would be a BUMMER -- so with this JOB -- unlike the others i have had - i am trying to stay focused on my priorities and not worry about always being the BEST and doing the MOST

note to self

then WORK

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Anonymous said...

the power of no is an amazing thing... not always easy but after it's done, such a relief!!! good for you!