Monday, August 14, 2006


So Sunday was our "trip" to Hawaii -- we didn't do a whole lot - for dinner we had Hawaiian grilled chicken over Jasmin rice - with a slice of FRESH pineapple on top - we had a fruit salad with which we served in wine glasses - the kids thought that was "FANCY" (makenna's word) and we made virgin pina colada's to drink and served them in fake coconut shells i found at target (love the $1 spot) -- Makenna LOVED the drinks -- we didn't make lei's - it was going to be a little pricey but since the kids loved HAWAII so much i am sure we will VISIT again ;)


Heath had to go back to work today :(
I missed him - The kids and I loaded everything up and headed for the pool - we got there only to find out it was CLOSED -- so what did we do ? -- the next best thing -- we went to grandmommy's for RICE KRISPY TREATS -- YUMMO !! -- the kids were disappointed about the pool but i am going to try to take them tommorrow -- tomorrow we have a SUPER BUSY DAY -- a birthday party - Noah's haircut - MEET the TEACHER - drop off school supplies - GO to the POOL -- cook a nice meal - get the kids to bed EARLY -- oh my - i am overwhelmed just typing --

ok -- i have to go so i can get the kids school stuff LABELED and in their back packs --

until next time

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annette said...

You are a SUPER mom~~