Wednesday, August 09, 2006

in better spirits today

i am in better spirits today
trying not to dwell on the past

i do wonder if the rejection feels
as bad every time a scrapper submits
to a call or if it is just that THIS time
it was my FIRST time and it was SO PERSONAL
MY message board - MY kit club - a place
that made me feel like FAMILY

so if you have been published or have been on
a design team i would LOVE to hear from you
????did you get a little sad when you got your
first NO ???? how did you feel when you got your
2nd and 3rd -- how many times did you try before
you thought about GIVING UP and not submitting
(not that i would ever quit scrapbooking - but what
if i submit to 100 calls and never get picked for any
of them) :0(

i just want to be realistic -- i have a certain NUMBER
in mind - and i am thinking i will submit to that many calls
and then if i am not picked for any of them i will just go back
to being CONTENT with sharing my pages with my FAMILY
It sounds like a good plan ??? Right???

again I would LOVE to hear feedback from others


ashlee said...

i think i have submitted 15 times to no avail but you know there are so many great scrappers out there. Submitting is just a fun part of it. it does not define you as a good or bad scrapbooker. the fit just wasn't right. no biggie. i say just keep on submitting, but dont create just to submit. create for your family and be true to yourself and your style and you will find the right fit. promise.

Teressa said...

Oh girlie, I have only submitted once and didn't get any response at all. So I really think you should keep trying. Don't give up on TSR.. (as a family memeber we don't want you to leave us!) But I know your stuff and it is good. Please keep submitting. I will make you a deal if you do I will. And my stuff isn't as good as yours...