Friday, August 11, 2006


ok i can't believe it is already FRIDAY
where did the week go
Heath's VACATION is practically OVER
he got called in to cover for another mgr
who had a death in the family
so he is going back to work TOMORROW (sat.)
instead of MONDAY

The kids go back to school on WEDNESDAY
I can't believe summer break is over
this will be the first year both kids will
be gone until after 3
i am so SAD about it
I really thought it would
be so fun for them both to be
in school and now that it is
here I am SAD -
really SAD
(not that i let the kids
see me crying about it)
but i did ask them what i
should do to keep myself
BUSY while they were away

here are some of their suggestions

* Scrapbook (my kids know me too well)
* Have lunch with my friends
* make them cookies for when they get home
* go shopping

they also assured me that they wouldn't be gone
LONG and that they didn't HAVE TO GO ON WEEKENDS


i am pretty sure i am going to look for a part time job
matter of fact - i am CERTAIN i will do so -- maybe
someplace i can get a DISCOUNT -- like Old NAVY
or GAP - ?? hobby lobby ?? just something 3 days a week
or so from 8:30ish to 3??

1 comment:

annette said...

Shawnna, the years pass too quickly and our little ones grow up to all the more reason to enjoy the moment...I used to stand and look at my child sleeping with tears running down my face because all to quickly they would be leaving home...motherhood has a lot of pain connected to it but a huge amount of joy also...grasp the special moments and engrave them in your heart's mind...

good luck with a job...I hope you will be able to be home when the kids get home...they will still be needing those cookies from their mom...