Thursday, August 03, 2006


i haven't been blogging much lately
so thought i would do a little RECAP

little brother came to town on FRIDAY stayed till SUNDAY

Monday - cleaned house (a little) - did some laundry - looked at our budget - got all the bills together - paid a few - STRESSED about $$ - $$ totally stinks -- it always seems like you could use a little more - then a little more - more - more -- UGH .... -- we discussed me going back to work again - then discussed maybe going back to one vehicle again (we did this for 3 years before the kids were in school- blah blah blah

Tuesday -mid morning -Makenna had a dr. apt with PEDITRICIAN
Tuesday after lunch Noah had an appt with a new NEUROLOGIST (nothing new just a confirmation of Tourette Syndrome)
didn't get home until after 5 pm - that is HOUSTON traffic for ya-- so thankfully my mother in-law made enough spagetti for us ALL -- Yes - she is a LIFE SAVER - kids stayed the night at her house -- i had a headache and went home to take some Rx -- Heath had poker night

Wednesday had to enroll Makenna in school

also trying to get all of Noah's testing and modifications in place for the school year -- since we moved and Noah will be at a new school - he has to be tested --- which is difficult because Tourette Syndrome is kind of tricking that way -- in many aspects of his learning he is totally ADVANCED but with anything that involves his motor skills (such as WRITING) he needs modifications -- and writing pretty much translates to ALL SUBJECTS --- He is SOO SMART - - but he struggles with getting the correct answer from his brain - through his hand - and onto the paper -- now if he TELLS you the answer -- he makes all A's but when he is pressured to write it out - he struggles --- so it is important to work on his writing but at the same time test him in other ways -- We changed this up last year and it made a WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE -- i just hope and pray that this school and his new teacher will be as helpful as the last -- oops -- sorry for the tangent there -- just what is on my brain -on with what we have been up too
the kids and I ran to hobby lobby (didn't buy a DARN THING for myself) not sure if that is good or bad but right now it seems BAD
stopped a CHICK FIL A
came home FINALLY 1:30 pm --
had phone calls with the school and with my doctor --
load of laundry
made some tea (skipped coffee this a.m. ) --
totally regretting that later in the day
had to pay a few bills by PHONE (they were to close to mail and who wants to by stamps anyway)
oh and i must say that i would have PAID THEM ONLINE HAD MY INTERNET / CABLE / DIGITAL PHONE all been WORKING ?????
had an awesome mail day - RAK from HeidiQ she was sending me a magazine and when i opened it there were lots of EXTRAS
and I also got
a SURPRISE GIFT for no reason from Steph (homegrown hospitality) she sent me a killer bag -- and a cute altered note pad -- THANK YOU LADIES -- YOU R 2 SWEET
oh and i scrapped a little last night

Today -- which is Thursday RIGHT?? -- i can't even remember anymore
i have been trying to get caught up on emails and computer stuff - need to pay some more bills -- laundry still to do - need to run the dishwasher -
clean up some --

BUT THE BESTEST NEWS IS my kids are wanting to move their toys out of the "playroom" back into their bedrooms and if Heath agrees to this -- it means i get to have my SCRAPROOM/ OFFICE BACK ---


and i must say --- i didn 't even ask them to Makenna came to me with the idea and Noah agreed -- i think they get overwhelmed with the BIG ROOM and make a BIG MESS and don't want to have to clean it - their rooms are much smaller and more managable

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annette said...

Shawnna...thanks for filling us in on your life...I have been missing you.

I will pray for Noah's teacher to have a loving heart so she can be sensitive to his feelings. A teacher can either destroy or develop a childs self esteem...

Much love from Illinois~~