Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Seriously CHAOTIC around here -- it has been days since i vacuumed and i am surrounded by MOUNTAINS of LAUNDRY -- i really don't know how OTHER working MOMS get EVERYTHING done -If the MOMMY isn't home who does ALL the MOMMY stuff?- feeling OVERWHELMED -- i just keep telling myself NEXT week will be better (i will only work 3 days ;) hopefully ) maybe i can get the laundry tackled and at least vacuum the MIDDLE of the floor ;)

I have been so tired lately - ODDLY TIRED - going to bed at/before midnight tired --

I am almost ALWAYS up past 1 so this is SO STRANGE --

anyway i was thinking about a post i had read on Nitty Gritty (see link on the right side of my blog) - the post about BUMPER STICKERS and i was thinking - if i had to pick a bumper sticker for the way i feel RIGHT NOW it would read


What would your bumper sticker SAY? :D

Thursday, August 24, 2006



that is the only way to describe this week -- i really under estimated the amount of work involved in this job -- it has been pretty hectic -- and i am figuring out how to say NO -- which is really important sometimes

Sometimes saying NO to something extra at work means i can say YES to coloring with my children - or reading them that extra book at bedtime -- and you know what -- IT IS O.K. to say NO -- it doesn't make me a slacker - it doesn't mean i am not a HARD WORKER -- but i have to keep it ALL in PERSPECTIVE -- i took this job because it had GREAT HOURS and it would BE FUN -- if i get caught up in doing everything for everyone else there may not be enough of me LEFT OVER for my FAMILY -- and that would be a BUMMER -- so with this JOB -- unlike the others i have had - i am trying to stay focused on my priorities and not worry about always being the BEST and doing the MOST

note to self

then WORK

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


wow -- how did it go from FRIDAY to TUESDAY so quickly -- i was really sad when the weekend was over and the kids were going back to school -- i am just not used to them BOTH being gone SO LONG -- i would homeschool them if they would agree to it -- just so i could be around them -- that would be selfish of me -- so NOPE i won't force them -- they love the SOCIAL aspect of school and they do really well academically so i can't really complain too much --

Started my NEW JOB and I am SUPER EXCITED -- I AM NOW Certified in CPR and FIRST AID again -- ;) -- i think after we get through the next week or two it is gonna be smooth sailing -- I know both of the teachers i will be working with -- that is great -- i think i would be NERVOUS if i didn't already know them --

Today i had a tuff moment with Noah -- BROKE MY HEART -- he asked if he would "grow out" of his tics ????? and my answer was -- well we don't know what will happen in the future - they probably won't ever go away completely -(his head dropped in disappointment)- but the good news is that MOST adults with Tourette Syndrome have fewer tics than when they were kids--- THEN -- he asked if it was a DISEASE -- OMGoodness -- it was all i could do to hold in the tears -- then i explained NO it wasn't a disease and that no one can CATCH IT from him -- but it was a genetic disorder and then we started talking about what genetic meant and DNA and a double helix -- then he wanted to draw a double helix so we looked it up on the internet -- anyway -- i said all this to say -- i think we ended on a good note but boy - there were a few minutes today that i just really wanted to fall to my knees -- So tonight i will be praying for my little boy -- and I ask you to do the same -- thanks :)

Friday, August 18, 2006


wow - i am so happy it is friday -- today was super busy for me -- i cleaned the WHOLE HOUSE - top to bottom -- and finished about an hour before the kids came home -- it was so nice coming in from the bus stop to a CLEAN SMELLING house -- I LOVE FABULOSO (sp??) it is the CHEAP cleaner at walmart -- and it is PURPLE and it smells YUMMY -- i don't really know why i am sharing that info but oh well --

i cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more - and now i am pooped - i don't want to cook - it is just so FrEAKin HOT -- i was going to make fried chicken but i am tired and now i am thinking i should make something else instead ?????? decisions decisions decisions...... never mind that it is 5:45 and i haven't even started to cook

but in my defense i must add that all the moms sat outside and talked after the kids got off the bus and the kids all played - we were out there until about 4:30 then the kids came in and had SNACKS - so now they really aren't that hungry --

it was so crazy at the bus stop -- i took some layouts outside with me so i could photograph them in REAL LIGHT - (donated my scanner because i thought we were getting a new scanner/printer combo - and long story short - we had to use that money for something else) so now -me without a scanner -had to take photos of layouts outside then i realized my neighbor had level side walks (i don't) at least hers look more level ?? so i am out there like a total freak - taking pics of these layouts in broad daylight in front of all the neighbors -- (NONE of my NEIGHBORS scrapbook - so you could just imagine the look on there faces) -- Can we say CONFUSED -- hee hee -- but a scrappers got to do what a scrappers got to do RIGHT LADIES --

Yesterday I found out some VERY SAD news about a friend -- she had a miscarrage - it is the 3rd one in about a year or so and i feel HORRIBLE for them -- i haven't talked to her so i am not going to share her name but if you could keep her and her family in your prayers I would really appreciate it --

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I have a JOB
I have a JOB
I have a JOB
hey hey hey hey
insert me doing the cabbage patch and then the running man
i am so excited -- i am going to be doing something SO FUN and the schedule is perfect and it is at MY CHURCH -- THANK YOU GOD -- this is totally an answer to prayer and it is more PERFECT than i even imagined it could be -- I START ON MONDAY -- mostly i will work 3 days a week but sometimes 4 or 5 (only when we have workdays and such) so the next few weeks will be busy busy as we all adjust to this NEW SCHEDULE --

8-16-06 First day BACK TO SCHOOL

today the kids went back to school and Mommy went out in search of a part-time job -- feeling a little crazy but - it is usually like this until we get our schedule going - and find our GROOVE --

today my to do list included this
1. kids to school
2. Job hunt
a. Church MDO/Preschool Program
b. School
c. Hobby Lobby
3. find a teacher supply store to buy noah's MULTIMETHOD tablets with RED BASELINE

Heath and I got the kids on the BUS without a hitch -- we are becoming pros at this ;) I got them ready for school and he made pancakes -- We are running like a WELL OILED MACHINE

and I was SO BLESSED that i found a job at the CHURCH - my first stop - 3 days a week from 8:45 - 2:15 PERFECT for me -- they follow the same CALENDAR as the school district so when Noah and Makenna are out for holidays I WILL BE OFF -- i go in tomorrow for the FORMAL interview and we will talk specifics but right now it sounds like it is all going to work out ---- SURPRISE BLESSINGS are SO MUCH FUN!!

Found a great TEACHER supply store called BASIC something or another -- anyway it is HUGE and i found all 9 tables that Noah needed - YEAH!!!

the kids came home so EXCITED about school -- AND HUNGRY of course ;)

Noah ate POPCORN chicken in the CAFETERIA -- this is huge for him -- he always eats the same thing -- PB&J sandwich -- so for him to TRY SOMETHING NEW -- is HUGE people -- WAY HUGE

Makenna said her favorite part of the day was the BUS RIDE -- she has been waiting to ride the bus for what seems like FOREVER -- and she finally did - and loved it -- oh and she said she made a FRIEND today -- SUPER HUGE DEAL -- makenna usually doesn't talk unless she knows you pretty well -- and then when she knows you SHE DOESN'T STOP TALKING ;) -- so for her to step out of her comfort zone and make a friend on the first day is SO AWESOME - of course as a move the next words out of my mouth were - "what is your new friends name?" -- and makenna replied -- "I can't REMEMBER" heee hee ha ha -- too cute

Monday, August 14, 2006


So Sunday was our "trip" to Hawaii -- we didn't do a whole lot - for dinner we had Hawaiian grilled chicken over Jasmin rice - with a slice of FRESH pineapple on top - we had a fruit salad with which we served in wine glasses - the kids thought that was "FANCY" (makenna's word) and we made virgin pina colada's to drink and served them in fake coconut shells i found at target (love the $1 spot) -- Makenna LOVED the drinks -- we didn't make lei's - it was going to be a little pricey but since the kids loved HAWAII so much i am sure we will VISIT again ;)


Heath had to go back to work today :(
I missed him - The kids and I loaded everything up and headed for the pool - we got there only to find out it was CLOSED -- so what did we do ? -- the next best thing -- we went to grandmommy's for RICE KRISPY TREATS -- YUMMO !! -- the kids were disappointed about the pool but i am going to try to take them tommorrow -- tomorrow we have a SUPER BUSY DAY -- a birthday party - Noah's haircut - MEET the TEACHER - drop off school supplies - GO to the POOL -- cook a nice meal - get the kids to bed EARLY -- oh my - i am overwhelmed just typing --

ok -- i have to go so i can get the kids school stuff LABELED and in their back packs --

until next time

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Willie Wonka
Willie Wonka
da da dat dat da da da

i can't get the song out of my head

we had a great time with the kids tonight - watching Willie Wonka (the newer version with Johnny Depp) and eating a HUGE hershey bar and some PURE dark Chocolate (that stuff is kinda GOOD for YOU) ;)

Noah didn't love the PURE dark -- though he loves the SPECIAL DARK (which i am out of) so he settled for MILK CHOCOLATE

Makenna -- well what can i say - she is her mother's daughter and she enjoyed BOTH types of chocolate ;)

We all enjoyed the movie and it was fun to hang out together -- and well - eating chocolate this LATE is always a treat for them --

Now Daddy is giving baths and then off to bed -- hopefully the sugar HIGH will wear off shortly ;)

about the movie -- it was so vivid and i loved all the colors - all i could think about is how it looks like they used the ITTY BITTY ACTIONS on the inside of the factory -- you know the part with the chocolate waterfall and candy everywhere -- it was beautiful -- the music wasn't as good as the first -- at least i didn't think so -- but then again it was one of my favorite movies as a child so i am probably just more partial to it

any way makenna liked it and she calls it WILLIE WONKA 2 -- she used to have the 1st version on dvd and played it so much (and touched it too) that it had to be thrown away cause it skipped -- i should buy her another copy -- it is a good thing we have the WIZARD of OZ on VHS cause we would have gone through a dozen dvd's by now - she loves that one too

Noah told me he was SOAKIN HOT tonight -- he was sweaty from being outside and when i giggled at his comment he proceeded to tell me how
SOAKIN' was because he was wet with sweat
and HOT was because - well he was HOT
too cute

and to close - i will quote the last line of the movie


Friday, August 11, 2006


ok i can't believe it is already FRIDAY
where did the week go
Heath's VACATION is practically OVER
he got called in to cover for another mgr
who had a death in the family
so he is going back to work TOMORROW (sat.)
instead of MONDAY

The kids go back to school on WEDNESDAY
I can't believe summer break is over
this will be the first year both kids will
be gone until after 3
i am so SAD about it
I really thought it would
be so fun for them both to be
in school and now that it is
here I am SAD -
really SAD
(not that i let the kids
see me crying about it)
but i did ask them what i
should do to keep myself
BUSY while they were away

here are some of their suggestions

* Scrapbook (my kids know me too well)
* Have lunch with my friends
* make them cookies for when they get home
* go shopping

they also assured me that they wouldn't be gone
LONG and that they didn't HAVE TO GO ON WEEKENDS


i am pretty sure i am going to look for a part time job
matter of fact - i am CERTAIN i will do so -- maybe
someplace i can get a DISCOUNT -- like Old NAVY
or GAP - ?? hobby lobby ?? just something 3 days a week
or so from 8:30ish to 3??

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be?
someplace warm most of the year -- around 80 degrees ???

What's your favorite article of clothing? i still love to wear scrubs (even though i am no longer attending college to be an RN- that is still on HOLD)

Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? Eyes or Lips

What's the last CD that you bought? U2 (downloaded day before yesterday)

Where's your favorite place to be? at HOME

Where's your least favorite place to be? waiting in a doctors office or waiting anywhere for that matter - i am not a patient one

What's your favorite place to be massaged? back or neck

Strong in mind or strong in body? wish i could say both but i am probably at my WORST ever physically so i will go with MIND

What time do you wake in the morning? about 9 a.m. but i only have 6 more days before the kids go back to school EEEK

What's your favorite kitchen appliance? SELF CLEANING oven -- it is the only thing that kinda cleans up after itself in my house so what is not to LOVE

What makes you really angry? Not sticking to the PLAN -- i am such a planner -- i would say to a FAULT

If you could play any instrument, what would it be? Piano.

Favorite color? RED

Which do you prefer, sports car or SUV? i would normally say SUV but with gas as high as it is now i am going with a tiny sports car

Do you believe in afterlife? HEAVEN -- YES

Favorite children's book? I love the Monster at the end of the book -- the golden book about GROVER -- i loved it as a kid -- i should buy it for my kids

What is your favorite season? SUMMER -- but I LOVE the FALL in Houston -- it is kinda like a mild SUMMER in most places ;)

What's your least favorite household chore? MOPPING -- i have about 1000 square feet to mop downstairs and i HATE it (that doesn't count my 2.5 bathrooms)

If you could have one super power, what would it be? to make MONEY -- only because i am about to have to start looking for a part time job

If you have a tattoo, what is it? NOPE no tattoos

Can you juggle? Not very well.

The one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to? My little boy who passed away 10 years ago

What's your favorite day? I am gonna say TUESDAY -- just cause Mondays are usually crazy ???

What's in the trunk of your car? Righ now there is POOL STUFF a few NOODLES and several pair of googles

Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger? have to say BURGERS - haven't ever tried SUSHI

NOW, if you're reading this, consider yourself TAGGED. Copy & paste the questions into your blog and tag your friends! :)

in better spirits today

i am in better spirits today
trying not to dwell on the past

i do wonder if the rejection feels
as bad every time a scrapper submits
to a call or if it is just that THIS time
it was my FIRST time and it was SO PERSONAL
MY message board - MY kit club - a place
that made me feel like FAMILY

so if you have been published or have been on
a design team i would LOVE to hear from you
????did you get a little sad when you got your
first NO ???? how did you feel when you got your
2nd and 3rd -- how many times did you try before
you thought about GIVING UP and not submitting
(not that i would ever quit scrapbooking - but what
if i submit to 100 calls and never get picked for any
of them) :0(

i just want to be realistic -- i have a certain NUMBER
in mind - and i am thinking i will submit to that many calls
and then if i am not picked for any of them i will just go back
to being CONTENT with sharing my pages with my FAMILY
It sounds like a good plan ??? Right???

again I would LOVE to hear feedback from others

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


i didn't make it
everything i said i wouldn't feel
trying to stay positive
but it is so hard

part of me thinks YOU SUCK
and you should never submit anything
ever again -- and then the POSITIVE
side says -- get up - dust yourself off -
and have another go at it

it reminds me of a time when i was bucked off
my horse (Dutchess) and my dad wouldn't let
me just go up to the house
he knew if i walked away there was a good
chance i wouldn't ride again
at the time i didn't really understand
but my dad knew what he was doing
he made sure i was OK and then with
tears in my eyes i climbed back into the saddle

So tonight I am again a little sad - I LOVE TSR
and really thought I found a place that would be
a perfect fit -- but i am gonna dust myself off and try again



Ok today is the day
Tammy at TSR is going to announce the finalists for the design team -- this is the first time i have ever submitted anything to anyone -- i am anxious to find out if i made it to the next round -- my stomach is totally spinning --- i am trying to think positively but at the same time if I am not choosen then i know the timing just isn't right and I did create 3 layouts that i love -- so that is something to CELEBRATE!!!

I will post as soon as the list is up

wish me luck!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

08-06-06 Layout

here is a layout i did for an upcoming TSR challenge
I will post the challenge on TSR on Aug 13th


and if the picture doesn't give it away today included MORE SCHOOL SHOPPING -- trying to find the school supplies that didn't get yesterday - (some were sold out) - and buying CLOTHES and SHOES for the kids --


so i made the most of it and got almost all the things on the list (doing a very good job of sticking to my list) i still need 2 shirts - 2 pair of shorts -and a pair of sneakers for noah - (i only found him 2 shirts and 1 pair of shorts today) and for makenna i need 1 shirt and a pair of cute brown shoes -- as for school supplies there are a few random things - like a light blue pocket folder ???? i have seen a ton of regular blue but NO light blue - then there are some specific notebooks for noah that i haven't found anywhere -- (today i visited Palais Royal - Old Navy - 2 Targets - 2 Wal Marts)

Thankfully (for me and the kids) they didn't have to go SHOPPING today - they decide after our trip to wal mart yesterday that they were totally ok with me picking out their school clothes -- So since Heath is now on VACATION (yeah!!!) he took the kids to see BARNYARD - which Noah thought was hilarious -- they also went to Marble Slab Creamery -- YUM YUM i must admit i was a little JEALOUS

and to treat myself since i selflessly missed a movie and Marble Slab ice cream - i drove about 30 minutes out of my way to my FAVORITEST scrapbook store -- I deserved it, RIGHT?? especially when you think about how much money i saved us today (tax free weekend) and not to mention the only items i spent over $10 on were the kids' jeans and they were only $15 at Old Navy -- I love to look for BARGINS -- (bargin shopping means more money for OTHER things)

here is a pic of some GOODIES i got at my not so local scrapbook store - it is MARIDAWN's i love that place (even though i have to drive to KATY) they have so much GREAT STUFF it is worth it -- anyway - i was a good girl and spent a little over 23 bucks and got some great STUFF -- love those JUNKITZ FLOWERZ -- Yum YUM

8-05-06 a RAK from MARTHA / xpetunia

today i found this in my MAILBOX -- OMGosh -- i was totally stoked -- Martha is TOO SWEET -- thank you sooooo much -- love ya girl --


Ok this totally boggles my mind - every year there seems to be another off beat item added to the school supply list -- this year it was A REAM OF XEROX COPY PAPER (wouldn't that be considered office supplies for the school to purchase?) -- but others have been dry erase markers - instant hand sanitizer -- i don't mean to COMPLAIN and i know our teachers work incredibly hard for what little money they do get paid - and i wouldn't want them to spend all of their hard earned money on EXTRAS - but if the list keeps growing at this rate I won't be able to AFFORD the kids school supplies when they are in high school --

ok so anyway - the kids and i went out to buy SCHOOL SUPPLIES and we went to WAL MART - we were there for 2 hours in the same 4 aisles -- IT WAS INSANE and the sad thing is i couldn't find every thing on there lists --- URGGG.......

Thursday, August 03, 2006


this is the bag Steph sent me
it is so cool - i added some scrap
stuff so you could get a feel for what
it will look like when i carry it to a crop
or something --

back side of the bag

altered note book Steph sent
card heidiQ made me

RAK (magazine) +++ extras from heidiQ

am I blessed or what -- thanks again girls -- lovin my goodies


i haven't been blogging much lately
so thought i would do a little RECAP

little brother came to town on FRIDAY stayed till SUNDAY

Monday - cleaned house (a little) - did some laundry - looked at our budget - got all the bills together - paid a few - STRESSED about $$ - $$ totally stinks -- it always seems like you could use a little more - then a little more - more - more -- UGH .... -- we discussed me going back to work again - then discussed maybe going back to one vehicle again (we did this for 3 years before the kids were in school- blah blah blah

Tuesday -mid morning -Makenna had a dr. apt with PEDITRICIAN
Tuesday after lunch Noah had an appt with a new NEUROLOGIST (nothing new just a confirmation of Tourette Syndrome)
didn't get home until after 5 pm - that is HOUSTON traffic for ya-- so thankfully my mother in-law made enough spagetti for us ALL -- Yes - she is a LIFE SAVER - kids stayed the night at her house -- i had a headache and went home to take some Rx -- Heath had poker night

Wednesday had to enroll Makenna in school

also trying to get all of Noah's testing and modifications in place for the school year -- since we moved and Noah will be at a new school - he has to be tested --- which is difficult because Tourette Syndrome is kind of tricking that way -- in many aspects of his learning he is totally ADVANCED but with anything that involves his motor skills (such as WRITING) he needs modifications -- and writing pretty much translates to ALL SUBJECTS --- He is SOO SMART - - but he struggles with getting the correct answer from his brain - through his hand - and onto the paper -- now if he TELLS you the answer -- he makes all A's but when he is pressured to write it out - he struggles --- so it is important to work on his writing but at the same time test him in other ways -- We changed this up last year and it made a WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE -- i just hope and pray that this school and his new teacher will be as helpful as the last -- oops -- sorry for the tangent there -- just what is on my brain -on with what we have been up too
the kids and I ran to hobby lobby (didn't buy a DARN THING for myself) not sure if that is good or bad but right now it seems BAD
stopped a CHICK FIL A
came home FINALLY 1:30 pm --
had phone calls with the school and with my doctor --
load of laundry
made some tea (skipped coffee this a.m. ) --
totally regretting that later in the day
had to pay a few bills by PHONE (they were to close to mail and who wants to by stamps anyway)
oh and i must say that i would have PAID THEM ONLINE HAD MY INTERNET / CABLE / DIGITAL PHONE all been WORKING ?????
had an awesome mail day - RAK from HeidiQ she was sending me a magazine and when i opened it there were lots of EXTRAS
and I also got
a SURPRISE GIFT for no reason from Steph (homegrown hospitality) she sent me a killer bag -- and a cute altered note pad -- THANK YOU LADIES -- YOU R 2 SWEET
oh and i scrapped a little last night

Today -- which is Thursday RIGHT?? -- i can't even remember anymore
i have been trying to get caught up on emails and computer stuff - need to pay some more bills -- laundry still to do - need to run the dishwasher -
clean up some --

BUT THE BESTEST NEWS IS my kids are wanting to move their toys out of the "playroom" back into their bedrooms and if Heath agrees to this -- it means i get to have my SCRAPROOM/ OFFICE BACK ---


and i must say --- i didn 't even ask them to Makenna came to me with the idea and Noah agreed -- i think they get overwhelmed with the BIG ROOM and make a BIG MESS and don't want to have to clean it - their rooms are much smaller and more managable