Thursday, August 17, 2006

8-16-06 First day BACK TO SCHOOL

today the kids went back to school and Mommy went out in search of a part-time job -- feeling a little crazy but - it is usually like this until we get our schedule going - and find our GROOVE --

today my to do list included this
1. kids to school
2. Job hunt
a. Church MDO/Preschool Program
b. School
c. Hobby Lobby
3. find a teacher supply store to buy noah's MULTIMETHOD tablets with RED BASELINE

Heath and I got the kids on the BUS without a hitch -- we are becoming pros at this ;) I got them ready for school and he made pancakes -- We are running like a WELL OILED MACHINE

and I was SO BLESSED that i found a job at the CHURCH - my first stop - 3 days a week from 8:45 - 2:15 PERFECT for me -- they follow the same CALENDAR as the school district so when Noah and Makenna are out for holidays I WILL BE OFF -- i go in tomorrow for the FORMAL interview and we will talk specifics but right now it sounds like it is all going to work out ---- SURPRISE BLESSINGS are SO MUCH FUN!!

Found a great TEACHER supply store called BASIC something or another -- anyway it is HUGE and i found all 9 tables that Noah needed - YEAH!!!

the kids came home so EXCITED about school -- AND HUNGRY of course ;)

Noah ate POPCORN chicken in the CAFETERIA -- this is huge for him -- he always eats the same thing -- PB&J sandwich -- so for him to TRY SOMETHING NEW -- is HUGE people -- WAY HUGE

Makenna said her favorite part of the day was the BUS RIDE -- she has been waiting to ride the bus for what seems like FOREVER -- and she finally did - and loved it -- oh and she said she made a FRIEND today -- SUPER HUGE DEAL -- makenna usually doesn't talk unless she knows you pretty well -- and then when she knows you SHE DOESN'T STOP TALKING ;) -- so for her to step out of her comfort zone and make a friend on the first day is SO AWESOME - of course as a move the next words out of my mouth were - "what is your new friends name?" -- and makenna replied -- "I can't REMEMBER" heee hee ha ha -- too cute

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