Friday, June 30, 2006


Today was a FUN mail day -- NO BILLS and I got some stamps that I ordered -- Autumn Leaves Rhonna Farrer Botanicals -- I am slowly going to try to collect all of these --LOVE THEM :0) They are so YUMMY

here is a link to some of them

Thursday, June 29, 2006

California Dreamy

Don't ya just love it when you meet up with an old friend and it is like you were NEVER apart. I just did that -- less than an hour ago Claudia was here. We had such a great visit. I wish it would have lasted longer but I was so happy to see her.

We met about 4 years ago in a MOPS group at my church and we hit it off instantly. She has 3 adorable boys. Ethan (her middle child) and Noah were in the same moppets class and they became best friends. Thus this was the spark that started our friendship. Just two moms getting their kids together for a playdate. But ours was different it wasn't akward or boring it was like we had always known each other. Like there was no beginning to our friendship it always existed - it was just out there in the universe waiting for US to find it. Anyway many playdates followed that one and then after about a year she found out she was moving to SAN DIEGO -- I remember being so sad -- she was so sad. (insert TEARS)

She has been in CA for 3 years now - we kept in touch even while we moved to OK then back again -- we still communicated-- emailed -- occasional phone calls -- but seeing her -- WOW -- she looks great - so happy -- so DREAMY -- like California DREAMY -- she has a beautiful tan -- beachy hair -- they all looked "beachy" -- it was weird to see them all different but the same -- her boys are so big and handsome like little men -- i think i was expecting them to still be little - frozen in time-

Anyway I just wanted to say that I feel SO BLESSED to have such a great friend -thanks Claudia for staying in touch with me -- i know it isn't easy having a long distance friendship but GIRL YOU ARE SO WORTH IT ;0)

for more info on MOPS international check out this link

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


MAKENNA IS SWIMMING underwater all by herself --
after she started so did NOAH -- he is not as sure of himself as she is but with a few days of practice I am sure he will be growing gills too -- totally bummed that i didn't have my camera (left purse at home and just brought the pool bag) -- but was SO HAPPY THAT DADDY WAS THERE TO SEE THE KIDS SWIM


I have been busy working on a little album kit -- cute --here are a few pages from the Heidi Swapp "ALL About ME" album I ordered from QVC - here is the link

I am really lovin' this album and the whole process -- it really has me THINKING about ME --- things I like and don't like about myself -- things i want to change about me --- it is very introspective and cathardic too. --- anyway -- I am just going to trickle in the pages over then next several days -- Hope you enjoy

sorry they are out of order -- top is pg 3 (need to add a photo of myself - probably a black and white version of the one here on the blog)-- middle is pg 2 -- bottom is page 1

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


OK -- honestly - here is the REAL DEAL --- the Nitty Gritty (as jody would say) -- THE TRUTH ---

I hate to do laundry

I hate to constantly be wondering if the dryer just went off ---WAITING - and WAITING --- it seems like I start a project and then get distracted by the dryer -- OR WORSE I DON'T HEAR IT AT ALL and everything is wrinkled -- I am so impatient I can't just stay down stairs ALL DAY to do the laundry---
another issue is I don't want to iron any more that I have to -- I don't like to spend 15 bucks a week having Heath's shirts cleaned and pressed -- So I say I WILL DO IT but then I drag my feet and every evening my husband asks "Do I have a shirt for tomorrow" and then I either do it or ask him to do it while I clean the kitchen or something ---

NO MORE --- I am getting all the laundry done TODAY -- YEP in one Day --- Hubby agreed that if I get it all done today he will carry it upstairs and put it all away -- :0) Nothing like striking a deal to get me movin' SAD huh? hope Martha Stewart doesn't stumble upon my blog -- she might be sent into cardiac arrest just reading this post

Monday, June 26, 2006


We had lots of FUN this weekend -- Family in from out of town (2 more cousins to play with)-- 2 trips to the pool (one of those being to aunt lissa's splash pad) -- WHO COULD ASK FOR MORE, right??!! If I could I would ask for another day -- just one extra day to relax and recover from all the GOING this weekend --

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Today is my BABY's 6th Birthday -- I can't believe she is six -- WOW -- where did the time go -- She is growing up so fast but right now it seems she doesn't know if she wants to be a baby or a little girl --- One minute she is acting like a grown up and the next she is crying because she isn't getting her way --

AND RIGHT NOW SHE IS TAKING A NAP because ,YEP, even on your BIRTHDAY the rules still apply in THIS HOUSE --- if you are going to throw a fit you just may be a little worn out from your 2 day birthday celebration (one day of shopping - sleep over - and trip to the theatre to see Over the Hedge) --- I know you are thinking "OMGoodness - she punished her daughter on her birthday ???!!???" -- and my response to that is "YES,-- but after about 3 warnings" -- see I am not as MEAN as you think ;0)

I am sure things will be much better after she has rested -- Then we are going to watch the Barbie mermaid movie - Mermaidtopia??? i think is what the title is ?? something like that anyway --

these pictures are from yesterday -- before we left for the movie -- the top one is her "MOM please don't make me take another picture" FACE -- classic I know -- every mom who scrapbooks and/or just likes to take pictures of their kids KNOWS this face ---

hope your having a GREAT DAY

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


well it is poker night at our house --- AKA boy's night --- lots of stinky boys fill my home each and every Tuesday --ok -- they aren't boys they are MEN and they actually smell pretty good - I only know this because they are very polite (at least while I am in the room) and always HUG when they come over -- sometimes they even bring stuff too -- :0) FUN TIMES --- but anyway I love poker night -- they play for hardly anything -$10 or something -- and they seem to really enjoy themselves -- I think it is great that my husband and his buddies have some "BOY TIME" - we ALL need some time to just have FUN

Monday, June 19, 2006

WOW -- I won something

I am so excited that this week is starting off on the right foot. I won something!!!!!! I can't even believe it. I don't know what it is but I will post a pic when I receive it. It is supposed to come in my July Kit from the SCRAP-ROOM. YEAH!!

and about the SCRAP-ROOM -- let me just say i can't get enough of the message board there NOT to mention THE KITS --

I totally didn't think of myself as a kit kind of gal but HOLY SMOKES BATMAN -- Tammy's kits TOTALLY rock -- and the best part is -- IT HAS CHANGED they way I scrapbook and the way I SHOP --- ( i know you are totally thinking "SHUT UP " no way could anyone change the way i shop-- i am the see it must have it kind of shopper - especially when it comes to my SCRAPBOOK SUPPLIES) any way now when i shop i think in terms of kits/ 2 page spreads - I no longer feel the need to hoard everything in a certain line (um take the new BASIC GREY lines for example) I can pic 3-4 sheets of patterned paper pair it with some matching cardstock a few accessories (embellishments) and WAH LAH --- a fabulous thing has just occured -- I SAVE MONEY and I STAY ORGANIZED

let me just say this -- I LOVE THOSE GALS -- they are totally MY PEOPLE -- love em' --- I have NEVER been on a message board (and i have been on several) and felt more AT HOME -- Very welcoming -- from the very beginning --- I think I may be addicted to this place

On to other NON SCRAPPING matters (is there such a thing)


The kids and I started our "Summer Homeschool" today -- No I am not a regular homeschooler but my son just turned 7 and my daughter is about to turn 6 -- and they need just a little something to keep them up to date with their learning -- Anyway -- Todays schedule went a little like this:

Pledge of Alligence
we watched ZOOM on PBS so i am counting that toward "Summer Science" :0)

if there is a REAL HOMESCHOOL TEACHER out there I would love to see your schedule

We had so much fun and you know what - THEY ACTUALLY LISTENED AND FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS -- I tried to keep it very interactive and just had fun with it -- They have matured so much over the past few months it was very evident this morning - SIX MONTHS ago they had a much shorter attention span -- it makes a huge difference -- anyway i plan to do this 3 times a week or so -- We are also doing the summer reading program at the local library so i am trying to take them there once a week for new books and fun time. HAD SO MUCH FUN with them today -- GOOD STUFF


Here is the card I made for my DH -- he is such a great dad -- words cannot express how I feel about him and how lucky I am that he is my husband --

Father's Day

Ok so I am a day late -- Worse things have happened - Right??

Anyway - here are some of my favorite pictures of my dad ( technically he is my stepfather but he is the only father I have ever known) We didn't always see eye to eye but I am so thankful that he is in my childrens lives -- HE IS SUCH AN AWESOME GRANDPA -- love you DAD

warning: need a new scanner so these are photos of photos -- hence the poor pics i posted -- but you get the idea

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Scrapbook Answers editor, Ana Cabera is givingaway a free weekend to the Scrapbook Answers Girls Weekend August 10-13in Phoenix, AZ.To learn more about how you could win a free trip, check out Ana's blog at

fun stuff - check it out

Friday, June 16, 2006

Warning: Sad Stuff

Things have been a little uneasy around here the past few days and I have struggled with putting it all into perspective.

A member of our family recently found out she has cancer AGAIN (we will call her "S" -- just because i don't know if she would want me to post her name) - She survived breast cancer and now she has cancer AGAIN. This time it is in her bones - which sounds horribly bad. I totally believe that MY GOD can do anything -- Even when things seem to be at their worst -- HE CAN TOTALLY COME IN AND PERFORM A MIRACLE -- That is what I am asking for - For "S" -- who is a loving - kind - caring - generous woman ---- SHE TOTALLY ROCKS -- she hasn't had an easy life but she has never allowed her heart to be hardened by the hand she was dealt -- Please pray for her and her family.

My youngest brother we will just call him "M" -- witnessed a horrible accident - he witnessed death -- His friend accidentally shot himself in the head --"M" of course was very upset when we last spoke -- I wish I could be there with him now - not that i would have the words to make this tragic event disapper but just to BE with him -- to make sure that he knows I LOVE HIM -- and to hug him and tell him that this wasn't his fault-- I am very worried about him -- he is so young and impressionable THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE HIM -- I didn't know the young man who died but I pray that he knew God and had a personal relationship with him -- I know my brother is a christian and i pray that during this time of turmoil and confusion he will lean not on his own understanding but on God's -- Please pray for this young mans family and for everyone involved in this tragedy.

  • I know BAD things happen to GOOD people all the time (just saying it puts a lump in my throat)
  • I KNOW that God has everything in control (and that he doesn't need me to try to MICROMANAGE him)
  • It isn't for me to know why these things happen (not just yet - although I hope when i get to heaven maybe God will pull me aside or better yet we will meet for coffee at Starbucks and he will explain it all to me -- and our conversation will end with something like "...Now you see, Shawnna, that is why it had to happen that way" -- and it will all make sense)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lions, Tigers, and EMPTY HANGERS - OH MY

My SWEET little girl -- ok so she isn't always sweet - but she sure looks the part -- She is so funny -- Yesterday she barges into my office carrying a handful of hangers proclaiming "Do you see all these EMPTY HANGERS? -- We need to get me some more clothes." Spoken like a true woman (although she isn't even six yet) :0)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Two REALLY FAST cards for the dads in the family (<->minus my dh's -- cause he might check this blog)


this is a test
this is only a test