Thursday, June 29, 2006

California Dreamy

Don't ya just love it when you meet up with an old friend and it is like you were NEVER apart. I just did that -- less than an hour ago Claudia was here. We had such a great visit. I wish it would have lasted longer but I was so happy to see her.

We met about 4 years ago in a MOPS group at my church and we hit it off instantly. She has 3 adorable boys. Ethan (her middle child) and Noah were in the same moppets class and they became best friends. Thus this was the spark that started our friendship. Just two moms getting their kids together for a playdate. But ours was different it wasn't akward or boring it was like we had always known each other. Like there was no beginning to our friendship it always existed - it was just out there in the universe waiting for US to find it. Anyway many playdates followed that one and then after about a year she found out she was moving to SAN DIEGO -- I remember being so sad -- she was so sad. (insert TEARS)

She has been in CA for 3 years now - we kept in touch even while we moved to OK then back again -- we still communicated-- emailed -- occasional phone calls -- but seeing her -- WOW -- she looks great - so happy -- so DREAMY -- like California DREAMY -- she has a beautiful tan -- beachy hair -- they all looked "beachy" -- it was weird to see them all different but the same -- her boys are so big and handsome like little men -- i think i was expecting them to still be little - frozen in time-

Anyway I just wanted to say that I feel SO BLESSED to have such a great friend -thanks Claudia for staying in touch with me -- i know it isn't easy having a long distance friendship but GIRL YOU ARE SO WORTH IT ;0)

for more info on MOPS international check out this link

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lusi said...

Shawnna, that is such a beautiful post and I bet your friendship continues for years and years to come!
Lus x