Thursday, June 22, 2006


Today is my BABY's 6th Birthday -- I can't believe she is six -- WOW -- where did the time go -- She is growing up so fast but right now it seems she doesn't know if she wants to be a baby or a little girl --- One minute she is acting like a grown up and the next she is crying because she isn't getting her way --

AND RIGHT NOW SHE IS TAKING A NAP because ,YEP, even on your BIRTHDAY the rules still apply in THIS HOUSE --- if you are going to throw a fit you just may be a little worn out from your 2 day birthday celebration (one day of shopping - sleep over - and trip to the theatre to see Over the Hedge) --- I know you are thinking "OMGoodness - she punished her daughter on her birthday ???!!???" -- and my response to that is "YES,-- but after about 3 warnings" -- see I am not as MEAN as you think ;0)

I am sure things will be much better after she has rested -- Then we are going to watch the Barbie mermaid movie - Mermaidtopia??? i think is what the title is ?? something like that anyway --

these pictures are from yesterday -- before we left for the movie -- the top one is her "MOM please don't make me take another picture" FACE -- classic I know -- every mom who scrapbooks and/or just likes to take pictures of their kids KNOWS this face ---

hope your having a GREAT DAY

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