Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I have been busy working on a little album kit -- cute --here are a few pages from the Heidi Swapp "ALL About ME" album I ordered from QVC - here is the link

I am really lovin' this album and the whole process -- it really has me THINKING about ME --- things I like and don't like about myself -- things i want to change about me --- it is very introspective and cathardic too. --- anyway -- I am just going to trickle in the pages over then next several days -- Hope you enjoy

sorry they are out of order -- top is pg 3 (need to add a photo of myself - probably a black and white version of the one here on the blog)-- middle is pg 2 -- bottom is page 1

1 comment:

lusi said...

Shawnna, this is awesome! Love your colours and all the different fonts...looks fabulous!