Tuesday, June 27, 2006


OK -- honestly - here is the REAL DEAL --- the Nitty Gritty (as jody would say) -- THE TRUTH ---

I hate to do laundry

I hate to constantly be wondering if the dryer just went off ---WAITING - and WAITING --- it seems like I start a project and then get distracted by the dryer -- OR WORSE I DON'T HEAR IT AT ALL and everything is wrinkled -- I am so impatient I can't just stay down stairs ALL DAY to do the laundry---
another issue is I don't want to iron any more that I have to -- I don't like to spend 15 bucks a week having Heath's shirts cleaned and pressed -- So I say I WILL DO IT but then I drag my feet and every evening my husband asks "Do I have a shirt for tomorrow" and then I either do it or ask him to do it while I clean the kitchen or something ---

NO MORE --- I am getting all the laundry done TODAY -- YEP in one Day --- Hubby agreed that if I get it all done today he will carry it upstairs and put it all away -- :0) Nothing like striking a deal to get me movin' SAD huh? hope Martha Stewart doesn't stumble upon my blog -- she might be sent into cardiac arrest just reading this post


lusi said...

Hi Shawnna! Just popped by your blog and hey, I don't like laundry either!!! We have something in common!
Smiles to you :0)
Lus x

stephanie said...

so, as you all know, the Rhonna 21 day challenge has come to a screching halt....all because of the corrupt, evil, no good, good for nothing...I will stop there....it does no good to rant, we need to keep encouraging Rhonna to continue on..... We MUST NOT leet the bad & ugly get the best of us...God allows hardships to teach us about ourselves and our strengths..FIND THE BLESSING IN THE BATTLE!

here is a quote to help her and help us continue on.

...Love the moment. Flowers grow out of dark moments. Therefore, each moment is vital. It affects the whole. Life is a succession of such moments and to live each, is to succeed. - Corita Kent