Friday, June 16, 2006

Warning: Sad Stuff

Things have been a little uneasy around here the past few days and I have struggled with putting it all into perspective.

A member of our family recently found out she has cancer AGAIN (we will call her "S" -- just because i don't know if she would want me to post her name) - She survived breast cancer and now she has cancer AGAIN. This time it is in her bones - which sounds horribly bad. I totally believe that MY GOD can do anything -- Even when things seem to be at their worst -- HE CAN TOTALLY COME IN AND PERFORM A MIRACLE -- That is what I am asking for - For "S" -- who is a loving - kind - caring - generous woman ---- SHE TOTALLY ROCKS -- she hasn't had an easy life but she has never allowed her heart to be hardened by the hand she was dealt -- Please pray for her and her family.

My youngest brother we will just call him "M" -- witnessed a horrible accident - he witnessed death -- His friend accidentally shot himself in the head --"M" of course was very upset when we last spoke -- I wish I could be there with him now - not that i would have the words to make this tragic event disapper but just to BE with him -- to make sure that he knows I LOVE HIM -- and to hug him and tell him that this wasn't his fault-- I am very worried about him -- he is so young and impressionable THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE HIM -- I didn't know the young man who died but I pray that he knew God and had a personal relationship with him -- I know my brother is a christian and i pray that during this time of turmoil and confusion he will lean not on his own understanding but on God's -- Please pray for this young mans family and for everyone involved in this tragedy.

  • I know BAD things happen to GOOD people all the time (just saying it puts a lump in my throat)
  • I KNOW that God has everything in control (and that he doesn't need me to try to MICROMANAGE him)
  • It isn't for me to know why these things happen (not just yet - although I hope when i get to heaven maybe God will pull me aside or better yet we will meet for coffee at Starbucks and he will explain it all to me -- and our conversation will end with something like "...Now you see, Shawnna, that is why it had to happen that way" -- and it will all make sense)

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Rachel said...

I found your blog through Kelli's challenge comments. So Sorry to read about your saddness. I will be praying. I like to think about our view of God's big picture like the underside of a tapestry/embroidery. From our view here of Earth, it's pretty messy looking and not so easy to see..... but when we get to coffee with God at Starbucks, we'll get to see the beautiful picture that he has been able to see all along. God bless.