Monday, June 19, 2006

WOW -- I won something

I am so excited that this week is starting off on the right foot. I won something!!!!!! I can't even believe it. I don't know what it is but I will post a pic when I receive it. It is supposed to come in my July Kit from the SCRAP-ROOM. YEAH!!

and about the SCRAP-ROOM -- let me just say i can't get enough of the message board there NOT to mention THE KITS --

I totally didn't think of myself as a kit kind of gal but HOLY SMOKES BATMAN -- Tammy's kits TOTALLY rock -- and the best part is -- IT HAS CHANGED they way I scrapbook and the way I SHOP --- ( i know you are totally thinking "SHUT UP " no way could anyone change the way i shop-- i am the see it must have it kind of shopper - especially when it comes to my SCRAPBOOK SUPPLIES) any way now when i shop i think in terms of kits/ 2 page spreads - I no longer feel the need to hoard everything in a certain line (um take the new BASIC GREY lines for example) I can pic 3-4 sheets of patterned paper pair it with some matching cardstock a few accessories (embellishments) and WAH LAH --- a fabulous thing has just occured -- I SAVE MONEY and I STAY ORGANIZED

let me just say this -- I LOVE THOSE GALS -- they are totally MY PEOPLE -- love em' --- I have NEVER been on a message board (and i have been on several) and felt more AT HOME -- Very welcoming -- from the very beginning --- I think I may be addicted to this place

On to other NON SCRAPPING matters (is there such a thing)


The kids and I started our "Summer Homeschool" today -- No I am not a regular homeschooler but my son just turned 7 and my daughter is about to turn 6 -- and they need just a little something to keep them up to date with their learning -- Anyway -- Todays schedule went a little like this:

Pledge of Alligence
we watched ZOOM on PBS so i am counting that toward "Summer Science" :0)

if there is a REAL HOMESCHOOL TEACHER out there I would love to see your schedule

We had so much fun and you know what - THEY ACTUALLY LISTENED AND FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS -- I tried to keep it very interactive and just had fun with it -- They have matured so much over the past few months it was very evident this morning - SIX MONTHS ago they had a much shorter attention span -- it makes a huge difference -- anyway i plan to do this 3 times a week or so -- We are also doing the summer reading program at the local library so i am trying to take them there once a week for new books and fun time. HAD SO MUCH FUN with them today -- GOOD STUFF

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Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see that you keep the power of prayer and the pledge of allegiance in your home.