Monday, October 30, 2006


This weekend God taught me a Great lesson
it started by me needing to go on a Retreat
for work -- kind of like a training weekend
from Friday thru Saturday -- I really didn't
want to go -- I had been under the weather
and was coming up with every excuse to skip
out on the event
>didn't want to leave my kids - after all heath
and i had just spent the previous weekend
alone and i MISSED my kiddos
>didn't want to mess with the hassle of taking
the kids to my sister in laws - driving in traffic
to drop them off and them having to drive back
through traffic to pick them up
>didn't want to do laundry before the weekend
just so I would have clean clothes to wear to
this retreat - and the house looked disasterous
>didn't want to share a bed with people i work with
i don't like sharing beds with people (except for my
hubby that is) just seems WEIRD to me
>didn't know if i would LIKE one of my roomates
(very UNchristian of me HUH)

I could go on and on I had it all worked out in my head
I didn't NEED to go - It was going to be horrible
but you know what -- IT WASN'T HORRIBLE - It
was great - and God really should me that HE is in
CONTROL - (he shows me this A LOT - but i am a
little hard headed, if you know what i mean) The
kids were fine and had a great time with their cousins
the house didn't fall apart - and in fact it looked better
when i got home than when i left -- THANKS BABE --
Heath was able to come home to drive the kids there
My roomates were great and i really enjoyed getting
to know them better (hopefully i won't be so quick to
judge from now on) and just for kicks He provided
me with my own FOLD OUT SOFA -- I didn't have
to share a bed with a stranger after all --

GOD is GREAT even in the LITTLE things - like fold
out sofas

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ashlee said...

dont you love it when He does this!