Friday, October 26, 2007

10-24 I AM FREE

First and foremost I just want to PRAISE GOD - Not only did he bring me home safe and sound from the hospital but I was able to come home a day early -- I like to think I was paroled early for good behavior ;) but I am CERTAIN it has something to do with all of you prayer warriors -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Not feeling WONDERFUL but at the same time not feeling as bad as I thought it could be. Having a few issues with eyesight and lots of muscle spasms but that is due to my TSH being so high and not due to the radiation.

They put me on two different thyroid medications to try to bring my TSH level up faster - I may/may not be going to the endochrinologist tomorrow? But the next BIG THING will be my total body scan on Nov 5th - this will tell them

1. if any thyroid cells are left - if so we will do more radiation
2. if there is any cancer anywhere else in my body

So please pray for those things specifically as well as for my entire family.



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Laurie said...

Sending prayers your way! So glad to hear you are home and doing okay.