Wednesday, July 12, 2006

STOP! Wait a minute

Stop! Wait a minute Mr. Postman --

I got some awesome goodies in the mail today

1. 2 sets of Autumn leaves Stamps by Rhonna (Nature and Swirls)
2. a box from the local scrapbook store (LSS) that i used to work at in OK before we moved
3. Paper Crafts magazine
4. NO BILLS ---

Number ONE
Rhonna - these stamps ROCK -- I am totally spending every dime of my allowance on these stamps until I collect them ALL -- then i will move on to those itty bitty actions for PS that i am SO LOVIN'

Number TWO
Ok - confession time - when i saw this box outside my front door today I totally FREAKED -- I didn't look at the return address label -- ALL I COULD SEE WAS THE CUTE LITTLE CRICUT LOGO on the SIDE OF THE BOX -- first thought was DH really does pay attention to me when i talk to him -- and what a great surprize -- then i was like NAHHH --- so i check the label and it is from my former employer -- i had made a lunch box tin for the store that i feel in love with and she mailed it to me after they were through demo- ing it. BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE -- she sent me this super cute little gift -- THANKS A BUNCH JERI ANN -- oh and I MISS YOU TOO -- tell leigh ann and the others HI for me

here is a link to the pictures of the tin - after you click on the link here click on the image on the 2peas page

Number THREE
i got the aug/sept issue of Paper Crafts in the mail and i will for sure be reading it while i am on the NIGHT OWL THREAD on TSR (the scrap-room message board). This night owl thread has been my guilty pleasure ... i mean .... em ... obession .... lately.

and last but not least

Number FOUR
NO BILLS -- does that even need an explanation

have a joyful day -- I am trying ...



stephanie said...

What A GREAT DAY! and to top it off, for you anyways...I have a lil something for you...just do not know where to send it....hint hint...e-mail me your address at (smiles)

Anonymous said...

hey, I am new to your blog and wondered if there is a site for me to read 'your life' story in regard to the child you have lost.

a new friend in ohio

shawnna said...

i haven't been brave enough to post it yet but this month marks 10 years since the accident so keep checking back because it is bound to start streaming out of me in the next few weeks

Anonymous said...

Shawnna, I am sorry to seem so blunt...please know i am sorry.

The Lord has led me to your site and my heart can wait till you are ready to share...I haven't lost a child...I did miscarry many years ago and felt that pain and loss...which is in no way compares to your loss.

I thank you for your openess..

a new friend from ohio

Shawnna said...

no need to apologize -- it has been on my heart a lot lately so thank you for asking about it -- and helping me to work up the courage to post it

Erin said...

Just thought to check your blog. Love that I got to see your goodies!!

Anonymous said...

shawnna, last night when I was praying I thought of you and your powerful are such a blessing to so many people...I stand in awe of mothers who have lost children and can praise the Lord and stay strong in the faith...I always have doubted that I could mantain such faith.

I am wishing you a wonderful weekend...praise the Lord for the weekends.
much love from
a new friend in ohio