Thursday, July 27, 2006

Vacation Plans

ok -- here are some of the destinations i thought of -- well.... thought of some of them and then you helped me with some ;0)


I am hoping to go to the library and check out videos for ALL the Places (except camping)

for Hawaii i want to get lays (sp?) or make some and have cute fruit slushy drinks with umbrellas - maybe teach the kids how to hulla dance - and we could watch - LILO and STITCH

For Australia -- I NEED SOME HELP WITH dinner ideas and pretty much the whole thing (dinner / activity / movie)-- my son has said that when he grows up he is going to Work in Australia with Steve the Crocodile Hunter - this started when he was about 2-3 and now that he is 7 he still plans to work there. SO AUSTRALIA IS A MUST FOR OUR VACATION

for China
i am thinking we could order in CHINESE -- YUM or go to our fav place - china view -- if we eat in i am thinking we could all sit on pillows around the coffee table -- ???? i need some help with an activity and a movie

Camping -- we will set up a tent in the living room
eat burgers/hotdogs from the grill and have smores' -- not sure about the Activity unless we make the smores the activity?? and I need a MOVIE

ok not sure if i should do pizza or pasta and meatballs -- we could make fresh bread (my kids love that) Still need an Activity and a MOVIE ---
maybe for the activity i could buy a bunch of grapes like in the old lucy shows and let the kids stomp them to make "wine" ???

Would so love to hear some input on this as we are pretty much about what -- uhh --- 2 weeks away --- i want to try to borrow all the stuff from the library this next week




Christal said...

Oragami ( the chinese art paper folding...) You could also go to the chinese resturaunt and get a bunch of fortune cookies and take out their fortunes and replace them with your own! Camping you could eat fish too... Maybe go fishing that day. Hope it helps!

Christi said...

Hey.. a craft for Italy -- Make your own pasta! Then you can have meatballs and spaghetti! I can get you a receipe for that. Still thinking on the others for you...

Christi said...

here is an idea for Australia... hide animals around the house and go on a safari! Get the kids a disposable camera (you can get at the dollar store) and let them take pictures of the animals they find... and of course, get hide a couple of crocks for Noah to wrestle! For a craft they could make a safari hat to wear with the mess (tool)around it to go on their safari!

Christi said...

a camping movie.. The Blair Witch Project... hee hee hee hee .. just kidding... Mom has this video that we watched as kids get it from her -- but I cannot remember what it is called.. but we called it the bears bumping butts. (she will know what you are talking about if you call it by that!) It was about bears out in the woods and they didnt clean up their trash in the camp ground.. so the park ranger made them clean up and made up a catchy tune to sing while they cleaned up.. and the bears bumped their butts together while they danced...

em said...

hey shawna!
i am here to give you some aussie-ness ;)
a 'typical' aussie meal is a meat pie and sauce.
that is (like a pot pie)
gound beef cooked with onions and a brown grave like sauce in pastry, and then baked, we eat it with 'tomato sauce" (ketchup) and choc-milk (chocolate milk)...mmm!
or you could find some vegemite at cost plus maybe?
or another classic is 'pavlova' which is a very yummy dessert native to australia and easy to make - its basically a big merangue with whipped cream on top and decorated with fruit (kids could help make this) - i'm sure you could find a recipe online, but it is sooo easy.
movies for older kids:
an old classic from my childhood (and nicole kidmans debut movie!) is BMX BANDITS
RABBIT PROOF FENCE (not a kids movie but a really good one)
for younger kids:
BLINKY BILL (cartoon about koalas)

have fun!!

Christal said...

Shawnna, I also forgot... for camping my parents always made something they called "campfire food"

They took ground beef and cooked it then added pork and beans mixed it up with ketchup ( or hubby and I use bbq sauce and ketchup) sometimes they were extra creative and added cut hotdogs to it as well.Hubby was a fireman and even shared this with the guys and they loved it!

Greta said...

italy = spaghetti.....

not a kids movie but under the tuscan sun is good....i mean it's not bad but they prolly won't be interested in it..i think its pg13