Saturday, July 01, 2006


edited: I AM SO GETTING THIS -- and that is my FINAL ANSWER I am so ITCHING to get photoshop -- i was good I didn't buy it yet and put it on a credit card (those things are BAD- credit cards) but now that DH has gotten paid I am finding it HARD TO BUY IT --- did i just say that -- "hard to buy it" yep i guess i did -- CRAP -- 100 bucks is a lot of money-- i did find it at sam's for 79.99 -- I don't know -- SHOULD i or SHOULDn'T I --- I want to soooooo fReAKin BAD --- but i don't usually spend that kind of money on myself -- but it isn't really for me - Right?? -- it is for the family -- for our photos -- OK enablers help me out


ashlee said...

hello my friend! okay the only thing about photoshop...are you really gonna print your pictures? If so, I say go ahead! you can do SOO many things with it. We have photoshop CS on our computer and it ROCKS!!!but so much $$.
love ya and miss ya!

Jody said...

Hey there...just stopping by to say Happy 4th of July! As for PhotoShop- I love mine. I'm looking to upgrade because there are so many new things you can do with the latest program. I say go for it! And the more you "play" with it, the better you get at it. Good luck if you spend the money. That's my Nitty.Gritty. for today. Ciao!