Wednesday, July 19, 2006

10 years

10 years seems like forever - yet tonight while i look over some of my son's things it can also seem like a split second --

I would like to THANK YOU ALL for reading my story - I hope that as you go you will take a little piece of Aasin with you - and maybe sit down and play barbies or legos with your little one - Our life on this Earth is far to short to go RUSHING through and tomorrow is not guaranteed - so take time today to share your favorite color with your child and find out what theirs is.

Many Blessings to YOU and YOURS




ashlee said...

so well put my friend. I just read the last couple of posts and i am so proud of you. i bawled just reading it, i cant imagine writing it and processing all those memories. you are in my prayers, dear. It makes me want to go gather all my kids and put them in my bed and hold them all night! You shared this story with me 4 years ago when we came to visit you in Houston when Lee was 4 months old. I had taken him out of his carseat to nurse him on the way down to see you. I remember that changed my life, it made me more aware. NEVER again did I take my kids out of the seat.
I remember being on that mission trip and seeing Heath sleep with Aasins little picture every night...EVERY NIGHT. God has blessed you with a wonderful family. You are a wonderful friend with a great heart. thank you for sharing this.
love ya!

Erin said...

Beautiful thoughts, my friend! My prayers will be with you always, but tomorrow especially!!

annette said...

You will be in my prayers this day...such a sad day for you...memories help us keep ones we love close to us..yet, they also allow is to recall the horrific ones.

Try to vision his sweet face today and then see him in heaven with our Lord...your family is blessed to have you...

love and hugs...~annette~

Christi said...

Love you TONS! HUGS!

michelleJ said...

Wow - I read your story yesterday (bawling my eyes out) and thought of it all afternoon while playing with my girls at the pool, and feeling the anguish of your story... I know it is one of those stories that will pop into my head now & then for the rest of my life. I am thankful you have a loving family to support you. The photos are precious- you can tell he was a happy, much loved child.

sometimes we need reminders like this that nothing else is as important as THIS moment with our loved ones.

Bless you and your family... Michelle