Tuesday, November 28, 2006

dipped in HONEY

about two weeks ago Noah said something that I don't want to forget - so I am adding it here

We were talking about Mr. Tucker's TREE (it is a maple and I have loved it since the first time we viewed the house -- it is right across the street - just a little to the left ) anyway -- we were at the bus stop talking about how beautiful it was - and how God created such great beauty in even the smallest of leaves -- and then Noah said -- "Mom, it looks like he dipped it in HONEY" -- and I must admit -- when you said that I got a little choked up --

so thanks for letting me post that here -- hopefully i will scrapbook it soon --- I know i have some pics of Mr. Tucker's Tree around here somewhere ;)

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glo-girl said...


that's such a sweet story!

i wish i had written down more of the *little things* my babies said when they were younger.