Tuesday, December 05, 2006


let's see - I always seem to start out with the best intentions -- something like "this week, I am going to blog about something - for 10-15 minutes per day" --

Did it happen -- NO

not because of anything huge - but just because i didn't make the time for myself to do it -- I have a big problem with that - I very rarely take time for myself and then I feel the resentment sort of BUILD UP in me -- the "I am worth an evening of SCRAPBOOKING" -- I should be able to take the time to PAINT MY FREAKIN toenails -- the idea that getting my hair trimmed is important (i miss you ashlee) -- and all the other things most moms tell themselves

but the truth is -- I DO DESERVE it -- not only deserve it but I require it -- I find that i am a better WIFE and MOTHER when I do it -- so starting today I am going to carve out some time for myself

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