Friday, December 22, 2006

ok so i have accomplished quite a lot lately but i have a few things still to do - working on gifts for 4 people (should finish those tonight) - tomorrow i will dust and vacuum- hubby is going to the grocery store for me in the morning - ISN'T HE THE BEST FREAKIN HUSBAND IN THE WORLD?! - and then Sunday morning I will start cooking -- oh and I can't forget I need to clean the bathrooms -- maybe i can talk hubby into doing the toilets for me -- Nahhh - I better not push my luck ;)

Today I set up the little wooden block Nativity that the kids made for us while they were in preschool -- and it made me smile :D - they are growing so fast - I wonder what is in store for their lives - what things will they accomplish -- I wonder if Mary wondered the same things about Jesus???

Blessing to you this GLORIOUS Season


Jody said...

So sorry that I didn't get back to you regarding the gingerbread church. Hope things are coming together for you these last couple of days before the true celebration begins. We're looking forward to a mellow Christmas this year...the only thing missing is a bit of snow. Oh well. Can't have everything perfect, can we?! Merry, Nitty.Gritty. Christmas to you and yours!

shawnna said...

No Prob jody -- i found a ginger cookie recipe i am gonna try