Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Foster Care


there I said it

Heath and I have applied for a info packet on Foster Care -- I have wanted to do this for SO LONG -- it just seemed that we always said that we needed to do something first -- ex: fix the a/c - get new carpet - stop MOVING AROUND -- etc....

Well now is the time
I feel like God has just been REMINDING me over and over lately
like running into people who have adopted - emails from friends who are foster parents - it is on my mind constantly -- and even in my DREAMS

I am so EXCITED - and nervous too -- things like what if they don't think we would be good enough -- what if we don't get approved -- Is my HOUSE CLEAN -- just reading about what the home study includes made me anxious -- but I know that God has a PLAN - He already has the perfect child choosen for our home - someone whom we could HELP and someone who will TEACH us a thing or too as well

So my question for you today is - are you doing what God is CALLING you to do? --

for once I can say without a doubt -- I AM TRYING - really trying -- Really LISTENING to Him -- and ACTING --- sometimes the acting is the hardest part for me - sometimes I try to tell God "now just isn't a good time" He must get so aggitated with me -- I wonder if He rolls His eyes at me sometimes -- ;)

Merry Christmas to you all !!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

an awesome post shawna!
The Lord will bless you guys in this if its in accordance with his perfect plans for you guys!
Bless ya's!
Lusi x