Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wednesday NOVEMBER 29

look what Santa brought EARLY for Makenna -- (daddy is a sucker for dogs and honestly - I was just tired of being the bad guy) so this is the newest addition to our family -- A beagle (6wks old) named ISABELLA (makenna named her of course)
Noah wanted to name her Brittney - and he was pretty presistant but Makenna wasn't having it - When I asked if maybe he had a friend in his class named Brittney he said no - so then i had to ask - WHY do you want to name her Brittney -- his response "BRITTNEY SPEARS, MOM" with sort of the DUH look on his face -- OH MY GOODNES -- how does he even know who Brittney Spears is ?????????

any way - back to the dog
A month or so ago Heath had the idea that he would take the kids up to the pet store to look at the animals - they ended up at the parking lot in Wal-Mart looking at FREE puppies -- and lets just say it ended VERY BADLY -- the kids wanted one Heath wanted one and I vetoed the whole deal --- anyway Makenna comes up with this idea that she is going to ask Santa for a puppy - (i guess santa trumphs mommy in her mind) ;) I tried to explain that Santa knows that Mommy and Daddy said she could get a puppy (or a pet of some kind) on her next birthday (she will be 7) that was how it ended and then one of Heaths employees needed to get rid of the puppy she bought -- FOR FREE -- she has papers and came with FOOD , a crate, puppy clothes, hair bows, snacks, you name it -- SO Makenna ended up with her puppy and really it is only 6 months till her birthday so it isn't that big of a deal

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cute cute!!!!
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