Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Our Family has it ALL"

Noah was home sick from school today -- and he said the cutest thing while watching our two dogs play

"Our Family has it ALL"
i am sure to a 7 year old boy we do --
actually when i forget about debt and bills WE DO

to a little boy
2 dogs +1 turtle +1 sister +1 mom +1 dad = HAPPINESS

it really made me let go and be joyful in the little things -- stop thinking of all the really NICE expensive gifts I would LOVE to get for my hubby kids family and friends -- and to be thankful for all the GIFTS that have been given to me (and all of us) already -- God has such a fasinating way of opening my eyes -- :D

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Christi said...

Am I going to get to see you guys this weekend at the family Christmas party? I sure hope so, I miss all my favorite kids!