Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well - we have started our Christmas shopping - and i must say - it doesn't seem like we get as much for our $ as we used to - I feel extra stressed lately - when i should be JOYFUL in my gift giving - i find myself a little down about it - i am praying that God will give me peace about it - seems like i just don't want to spend $$$ -- i think i am always worried that something is going to happen - like the fridge will go out -- or something on the a/c will go out (this one happens a lot - so it seems) you know what i mean - those big ticket things that you never plan for - and it is not only the money spending that has me anxious but the wondering if the gift RECEIVER will like the gift -- ok so "like" isn't what i am shooting for - I want them to LOVE it -- I want it to give them the "awwe" feeling -- the "this person really cared enough to pick something for me" feeling -- Maybe i am just putting to much pressure on myself -but for me Christmas is the only time i really get GIFTS -- my family and my husbands' family always give $ for birthdays and such (which almost always goes toward some extra bills) - so i guess when i am shopping i just want to get them something EXTRA SPECIAL --

What are your CHRISTMAS SHOPPING stresses or joys?

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