Friday, December 03, 2010

Finals have begun

Part of me is so thankful the semester is coming to a close because it was a tough one and the other part of me seems to be turning my head back and forth because I am not sure how it zoomed by so quickly.

I had my last clinical day on Monday and turned in my 30 page Care Plan/Health History. As soon as I handed that over to my instructor I felt a huge weight being lifted. I had 2 different Clinical instructors (both for 5wks each), went to two different hospitals, and worked on 3 different floors this semester and I must say that both settings had a lot to offer. While I didn't enjoy having to figure out the in's and out's of two totally different hospitals it did show me that hospital settings can be very different. One with a plethora of alcohol preps and one with a scant supply ;)

On Tuesday we had our first final which was in Role I. I made it out with an excellent grade of 96%. But to be fair the test was mostly over Communication/Ethics/Legal. The black and white type of questions come pretty easy for me, that is how my brain works. It is the actual Nursing Scenario questions that tend to trip me up. In those questions there are typically 2 or more "right" answers and you have to pick the "best" one.

Thursday ushered in the last exam of Nursing Theory I and while I didn't make a "bad" grade I really hoped I would have done a little better given that I put in loads of extra study time for this exam. All in all I should have a solid B on the exam but if they throw out 3 or more questions I should have an A ;) so my fingers are crossed. I know there are several others who are hoping that some of those questions get thrown out as well.

Only two more finals and then the dreaded Dosage Calculations test.

I am dreading that math test most of all, mainly because I hate being told I have to make a 90% on a test. That is a lot of pressure. I understand that being able to calculate proper dosages can mean the difference between life and death in some instances, this type of pressure sends my test anxiety through the roof.

Wish me luck ;)

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