Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Week 4

Worked on taxes all weekend long - thinking that next year I may farm this job out. Seriously, I have done my own taxes for ummmmmm 13+ years now. I deserve a break, don't ya think.

Working on taxes seriously put me behind on school work. I was so focused on tax preparation that I didn't even realize I had a test (NRS Fundamentals) on Monday morning until 10:30pm on Sunday night ...... whooopsie!

Monday - TEST - ended up with an 89.7% not bad but really wished I would have been more on top of my schedule. Lab was exciting and our next check off is catheters - I love that we are actually learning the skills now. Hands on stuff seems to be much easier for me to learn.

Tuesday- Still trying to learn how the heart blood flows and more importantly WHY everything works together the way it does. I just have to keep at it.

Wednesday- Spring School pictures today for my kiddos. Nice arguement this morning on how I wanted hair to be fixed compared to how they wanted it. School was...well school. Dinner with some friends at Chili's.

Thursday- SCHOOL again ..... worked on lung and heart assessments. Came home and watched tv. Sometimes I miss just being able to watch a 30 min or 1 hour show in the evening. I was a rebel and do absolutely NOTHING all night.

Friday - up and at em' early took kiddos to school and then worked on checkbooks and bills ..... still need to study

OK seriously this blog is getting boring
I'm taking a break
Will Return when I have something positive to say

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