Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Today was orientation for the nursing program.
I thought it might be fun to chronicle my experience through out this process so batten down the hatches cause I am going to share the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.

Orientation was much better than expected. I was prepared for the horror that I had heard of and seeing as though I have been pursuing this degree for several years I have had ample time to accumulate plenty of horror stories. I figured the nursing faculty would be detached and hard core. While they were definitely HARD CORE, they were also friendly and personable.

I took four pages of notes and that doesn't include the folder with the mountain of hand outs they gave us. Lots of information. Lots of things to buy. Classes start on Monday and I am feeling a little stressed about the money.
The required books are alone are $665.75 BEFORE TAX which doesn't include the additional "preferred material". ~OUCH~ Let's not forget tuition, scrubs, medical kit, background check, malpractice insurance, blood pressure cuff, etc..... the list goes on and on. I feel as if we are hemorrhaging money.

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