Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Year .... a clearer focus

all day I have been thinking about the New Year
praying about what my focus should be
**do I want to resolve to lose weight
(all the weight I have added through out my thyroid issues/cancer) 70lbs
can't believe I even typed that... hurts to hear that number out loud
**do I want to focus on being a better wife...a better mother, spending QUALITY time not just the quantity of time
**do I want to work on being a better student, being more diligent in my studies, and managing my time more efficiently

I think all of these are important, and worthy of my focus
but when I saw this video on Leslie Ashe's Blog I knew that this would be my focus for this year

Loving .... even when that means that I have to step out of my box, my comfort zone. Loving my family, strangers, and even myself.

I loved this song. It plays on Air 1 all the time. I know the words and can sing along, but I had never seen the video. When I watched it this evening I immediately knew that it was what my focus should be. Almost as if I had been walking around without glasses and put them on and was immediately able to see CLEARLY.
You know that feeling?
The moment when you know that THIS is it!
I love moments like that.

many blessings to you and yours this year

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