Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12 days of Christmas

This year instead of doing a complete Advent Calendar
I opted to do only 12 days - thinking that would be a more realistic goal
This is a list of our activities (I hope to post pictures next week)

Dec 14th was Hot Cocoa
Dec 15th was a hershey's kiss
Dec 16th was Happy Meals for dinner
Dec 17th was M & M's
Dec 18th was ice cream after dinner
Dec 19th was watching Prep and Landing (a christmas show)
Dec 20th
Dec 21st the kids got to open one gift

and that's as far as we got this year... sadly I didn't even manage to get through 12days. I had surgery on Dec 22nd and failed to put an effective plan together to make sure the FUN ACTIVITES and SWEET TREATS were handed out while I was dosed up on Percocet. The kids still had a great time and hopefully when they are in their 30's and in therapy tales of their mother's inability to follow through will not come up. A mother can dream right.

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