Thursday, September 23, 2010

The story of the No Good, Rotten Blogger

So the good news is I am alive.
and the bad news is ..........

I am a No Good Rotten Blogger.

In my defense though I feel I need to add that I have had a good excuse.....several in fact.
The cliff notes version goes a little like this:
We moved....again. Into a house that needed lots of "love".
Heath broke his styloid process during said move.
After completing the Spring semester (my first in the Nursing Program) I decided I was sad to leave the hospital for the summer so I got a job there.
I also took Microbiology during the summer .....while I worked 12 hr night shifts at the hospital.
Dealt with many repairs on our home in Houston.
Made it through another cancer scare involving "concerning" lymph nodes.
Survived Shingles (and now know that a. Shingles hurt like the dickens and b. They aren't just for the elderly)
And now I am hitting the books harder than ever.

See, I told you I have been busy.

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