Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Break Recap (Part 2)

So I must say that I had a wonderful nights sleep at the Hilton Hill Country Hotel Spa. The bed was one of the most comfy beds I have ever slept in. We purchased a Sea World package with the hotel that included breakfast. I was thinking it would be something like bagels, donuts, and cereal. I was WRONG and it was delicious. It was a buffet with anything you could have dreamed for breakfast. YUMM-O

We were off to Sea World from there. It took us 1 hour to get there and we were only1.1 miles away. That should have been our first clue but we were just excited to be taking the kids for the first time. It was a complete mad house once we arrived. Apparently it had rained the 3 days prior to our arrival so everyone had came on the same day. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. Noah was in his wheelchair and was bumped/leaned on/ and practically ran over the majority of the day. I could tell he was frustrated so we are hoping to try it again when he is no longer handicapped. It was pretty sad ... we even had people crowding us in the handicapped seating section (people who were not handicapped and were not with someone who was - they just arrived to the show late and didn't have seats) My mother in-law even had some grown man yelling at her. The worst part is that there wasn't staff anywhere to be found. Totally had me wanting to yell SECURITY like Bon Qui Qui. If you haven't seen it click this link. It is hilarious!!!

The kids loved the shows. We saw Viva.

Believe (the Shamu show).

The Cannery Caper (this was the kids favorite)
Makenna and Heath rode the following rides
Steel Eel

Journey to Atlantis

After our day at Sea World we were on the road back to Houston and arrived around 1a.m. We were exhausted.

Tuesday afternoon we spent with the Railey's (some of our bestest friends) enjoyed some turkey burgers and that evening we headed to Melissa's (heath's sister)for a sleep over.

Wednesday Melissa made yummy waffles for breakfast and we spent hanging out with Melissa and the kids - Heath went to the golf course with Cris for a bit.

Thursday we had a play date with Molly and family (Konrad and Levi too). It was so great to catch up. The kids got to play with one of Levi's bunnies. It was so cute.That evening Heath and I went back over to the Railey's and we had a Game Night. The Richert's came over too. It was a blast.

Friday morning I had breakfast with Tonya and her daughter at Panera. For lunch we ate out at my FAV restaurant in Houston, LUPE TORTILLA. Their margaritas are seriously the best I have ever had and the beef fajitas melt in your mouth like candy. Saturday was our last day in Houston. Melissa and the kids came over to play during the day and that night we went to Melissa's for dinner and one final hoo-raw. I think we all had tears in our eyes when we left. I miss the kids being able to spend time with their cousins and I know they miss it to. Thankfully summer vacation is right around the corner.


Emilyt said...

Besides the trouble with the wheelchair, you certainly did a lot while on va-ca! You got great pics and the kids must have had a blast. Keep 'em coming!

Marie Levite said...

Great pic's! You must exhausted but clearly you all had a great time. tfs