Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Radioactive once again

So this morning, after getting the kids to school, I had a couple of appointments. The first was somewhat of a surprise. I had some blood work to check my thyroglobulin levels. It was really funny because I looked at the tech and said "I don't think I am supposed to be getting my blood drawn", to which he replied "ummm well ma'am that's what it says here"
at this point what is one more stick gonna matter ;)

Then it was on to the Nuclear Medicine department where I was privileged to meet and visit with 2 other families. Families who were there for cancer testing as well. I was able to meet a young boy. I listened as he complained of his IV, asking his mother if they could take it out now or if he had to have it in all day. I listened as his mother tried to make him comfortable. Before long we struck up a conversation on the usual hospital talk, how extremely cold they kept it and how we wished we had brought in jackets. They were there to find out if he had cancer. A boy no older than my own 10 year old son. A sweet and funny boy who told me how he loved his surprise baby sister even though they were 8 years apart. How is 13 year old sister wasn't as thrilled with the announcement of a new sibling. How he looks out for his little sister, and funny stories of his corgi who can catch a baseball. A boy I won't soon forget and a boy I plan to spend some serious time on my knees in prayer for. I encourage you to pray for him too.

There is such a strange bond between people who have experienced this monstrosity and even those who have come so close to the edge of it. It can't be explained in words. Sometimes it is a look - sometimes in words shared - but most importantly it is the strength we draw from one another. I don't know how to describe it but every person that I have met either online or in person who has faced cancer has given me something, a piece of them. Something that tells me over and over that no matter how much I want to shove this cancer thing in the closet forget about it and pretend it never happened, that I can't, that I shouldn't. That I have to go to these appointments, I have to do everything in my power to make sure this doesn't come back. And if one day it does come back we will catch it early, because of these tests.

That being said I found it so ironic today that I voluntarily ingested a radioactive pill that had to be encased in a protective lead container as it traveled across the country to protect others. hmmmmm....... ok I had to get my funny in


Janine said...

Thanks for sharing all this today. I am moved to tears. You have a beautiful heart!

Looking forward to hearing good news next week.

God bless.

Angela W said...

It is good to have those connections even if it is for something bad. There is understanding of what you are going through. Good luck and hope you feel better soon and pray for good results.