Wednesday, April 08, 2009

preggers?!? are you kidding

Imagine my surprise when I recieve a phone call from my doctors office saying they need me to go in for a pregnancy test on Thursday. Here is how it went:

Me: What?? Are you sure because there is NO WAY I could be pregnant. That door has been closed for quite some time.
She: Have you been surgically sterilized?
Me: Well "I" haven't but..... and then there are those darn pills the doctor has prescribed to help level out my hormones.
She: I am sorry Mrs. Samples but we are required to have you take the test before we administer radiation. Radiation can cause severe birth defects and even death in a fetus.
Me: Well that make sense.

guess what --- I took the test and I am NOT pregnant
not to mention the amount of radiation I have had has probably shriveled my eggs to where they now resemble raisins anyway

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