Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally... heard from the dr. today

they finally received the full report - the doctor reviewed it in it's entirety and called me
The doc thinks that what showed up on the scan may be my throat or more precisely the saliva in it. He wants to do an ultrasound to be sure, but because my tumor markers are low (thyroglobulin levels) he is leaning toward that. Thank you so much for your prayers.

In other news it looks like we will soon be relocating to Little Rock, AR.
We are still waiting to find out the specific relocation package we will be receiving but as long as it is similar to what we have received in the past it will be all systems go.

Heath scored some tickets to see the Jason Mraz concert last night. It was amazing and I must say the Plain White T's also rocked the house. We had a great time thanks to some friends of ours who were willing to keep our kiddos. It was the second time Heath and I have gone out on a "date" since moving here in 2007. Really fun night!!!


Janine said...

Yay!! Great news!

Perky Nihilist said...

Thank goodness for finally getting all the reports back and for the good news. Yay!

Little Rock... sounds like fun. Would you be moving soon?

Glad you got a night out with your man and had some fun. You totally deserve it.

ashlee said...

good news!
tag your it:)

Marie Levite said...

Oh that's awesome news! Good luck to you on the moving front.

Angela W said...

Great! Little Rock, huh? Not too far! LOL!

erin white said...

miss you girl! we didn't get to see you while you were here in march! bummer that you will be moving even further away! though - you are moving to a really part of the country. all in God's timing right! oh, and we are still pregnant. Stella was due to join us on Monday and she is taking her precious time. :) love you, erin