Sunday, April 12, 2009


a boring narrative to follow:

This was our week to volunteer in the Nursery at church and since we were going out of town we switched to the early service. This meant we had to get up SUPER EARLY to get everyone ready and out the door.

After Church we had to stop by the house to let Gracie out and then we were on the road.

About 2 hours later we met 2 of my 3 younger brothers, my niece, and my parents at Pizza Inn were we had our Easter dinner buffet style.

Visted friends while my parents took the kids to get presents for Noah's birthday and something for Makenna as well.

Drove to my parents house were I was able to meet my newest niece (she is about 2.5 wks old) Honor Marie. Photo still to come.

Headed back home stopped at Taco Mayo and Dairy Queen

Didn't take one single photo of my kids this Easter- weird - totally didn't feel like Easter and the weather was nasty - cold and rainy

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