Friday, April 24, 2009


So I broke down and called the dr's office late this morning
only to have to leave a message of course

and when my phone call was returned it seemed that I would
soon wish I would have never called at all.

Apparently I had some abnormal results but because they didn't
have the full report yet I am not any closer to knowing what that means
Is it BAD, REALLY BAD, or just something we need to watch?

My dr's office was very kind and understanding and apologized that they didn't have a full answer, assuring me as soon as the info gets to them they will call me immediately. They also put in a call to the dr. who was supposed to read the scan at the hospital but she doubted they would hear back today.

All of this should make me feel better but ....

So I made my hubby take me to Chipotle to lunch and I hit up a few garage sales then to top it off I treated myself to a pedicure. I'm feeling better ;)

Thanks for your prayers


Janine said...

Continuing to lift you in prayer. Hugs! Janine

Perky Nihilist said...

I'm glad to hear that you did a few things to lower your stress level at least a tiny bit. Waiting on such serious tests must be torture.

One would hope that if abnormal was really, really bad they wouldn't make you wait a week to do something about it.

Know you are being prayed for many times a day.