Saturday, April 25, 2009

just wanted to say

Just wanted to say that I am in a much better place today.
No more gloom and doom.
I think this stuff is always scary for me but when I look at the big picture, really, what is there to be afraid of. This can only go down a few different ways.

A. it is a growth of cells that we just need to watch closely
B. it is a growth of cells that we want to eliminate via more radiation
C. it is a growth of cells that require both surgery and radiation
D. it is a growth of cells that may require surgery, radiation, and chemo (or any combo of these)

The good news is, this isn't my first rodeo. And as crazy as that sounds it does make this less scary, for me at least. I haven't said anything to the kids yet and I probably won't until I have more info. Hopefully my doctor will have the full report (scans and write-up) on Monday. At this point we are just waiting on 1 doctor.

fingers crossed for option A

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Janine said...

Glad your feeling, (emotionally), better. Thanks for the update. Thoughts & prayers for you are frequent. God bless.