Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Waiting (im)patiently

Just wanted to pop in and say I am still here...waiting impatiently
This week is just a week of waiting I guess.
Me waiting to hear about the cancer stuff.
And Heath had a interview for a job last week that would give him some more freedom and a raise. He was told he would hear something on or before Friday. This will determine if we stay in this city or if we continue to push forward with heading further south.

Exciting times!!!!

Have I said how d*mn impatient I am.


Marie Levite said...

Arghh that has to be the most difficult wait! My BFF is a cancer survivor and we use to chat on the phone, go to the park, Corona's as needed...I will keep you in my thoughts. Best of luck to your hubby.

Angela W said...

WoW! Where could you possibly be moving to? Well, I pray everything goes well with your tests and for Heath. I am also waiting on a dr call, had a pelvic ultrsound to rule out ovarian cysts. And my hubby is also waiting for a call back on a couple of prospective jobs! Good luck on your end!

Janine said...

I left my comment in the wrong post, initially. I hope that everything is okay. Thinking about you often. Much love, Janine