Monday, March 23, 2009

Home Again

Home again, Home again, jiggity jig

We made it :) We had a wonderful vacation. Only wish it was a week longer so we weren't GO GO GOING the entire time. I think we need a vacation from our vacation. The kids both ended up sick. Noah puked in my car (mostly on the throw he was using to snuggle up with) and Makenna doused the bathroom last night. Not sure if it was car sickness, bad food, or some sort of virus. They are both better today and unless someone pukes again, they will return to school tomorrow.

Planning to update with vacation details and photos later this week but for now I have to focus on my school work because, well school wasn't out last week but I was gone for 9 days. You do the math. ;)


Angela W said...

I know about needing a vacation from the vacation! I hope it was great besides the puking. Can't wait to see pics and hear more!

Aphra said...

I just love your blog Shawnna. I've admired your work over at the ScrapRoom for a while, and I've just now come to check out your blog. Glad your little guy is doing well.....what a challenge for your family. Best wishes!