Monday, October 20, 2008


Spent a little time in Caddo Mills last week. We had a blast! From the Friday night football game to the wienie roast and smores.... it was all GOOD TIMES. Thanks Chris and Misty for sheltering us, we miss you guys already.

Hopefully I will download some pictures sometime this week -- I am so behind on editing I don't know if I will ever get caught up.

Things are definitely up in the air for our family right now. Praying for direction and discernment.

On the college front - I made it through midterms - BARELY the skin of my teeth -- Praying I won't have to retake my Chemistry class (I have to get an A or B in that class and I am definitely pushing it) ;)

As much as we have going on I can't help but look at it all in amazement ....We are so blessed ..... not so much with money or material things but where it counts we have more than our share.

Feeling all lovey dovey and mushy today --- My husband and kids are just so freakin awesome!!!

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angel31877 said...

I finally got on your page! I just opened one up! Check it out, I am still adding to it though! Good luck on your college grades and get to feeling better soon. I will comment on your other blogs after lunch!