Saturday, August 09, 2008

busy busy busy

seems like it has been a little while since i last posted

lots going on here

we had a very sick nephew - he is home now and doing much better

the kids came home a little earlier than expected -- I was thrilled to have them home - lots of fun

we have already purchased all their school supplies - still need a few clothing items but they have enough to get started

The kids and I both will be returning to school in the next week -- I am so ExCiTed -- I put my college on hold when we had our second child and that was over 8 years ago -- so i have waited patiently for so long -- NOW IS THE TIME -- it is going to be a little tough financially -- I have had to scale back on working (only going to be working one weekend a month) so that will be less income coming in and more money going out for tuition ---- But I am tired of waiting for the "perfect" time to go - this is my dream - I don't know if the conditions would ever be PERFECT. ya know what I mean???

so exciting stuff around the bend!!!!


erin said...

hey girl! that is awesome that you are going back to school. john and i are starting in the fall too! we are both going to take it easy with 1 class though - and see how it goes! keep us posted! take care and we hope to see you in september!

crisee said...

i think ur busier than i could ever be

Angela W said...

I think you just have to do it! I don't know that there is ever a "perfect" time to go back to school. I need to do it also...sometime!