Saturday, August 30, 2008


Most of you who know me, know that I have a very eclectic taste in music. One minute I am rockin' out to Kutless and the next I may be bobbin my head to Mary J. Blige -- the latter is the case right now

I love her song JUST FINE
It is so positive and uplifting
I can't help but feel so grateful for my life everytime I hear it
seems crazy because it isn't a worship song ... it isn't even a christian song
I guess that just shows that you can get what you want out of music (and life)
you can choose to focus on the POSITIVE -- or the negative

I don't have it all figured out ...... my life isn't perfect....... the death of my son ..... my battle with cancer.... and the fact that the chance of reoccurence is so high ..... the struggles I am having with weight and just general health issues ....... just everyday trials and struggles can sometimes hang over my head like a dark cloud but every time I hear this song I am reminded that I have to appreciate this wonderful life I have. God has blessed me TREMENDOUSLY. And everything I have made it through is only because of HIM and HIS GLORY.

So here is to smiling and praising God .....whether in rain or sunshine.


gab423 said...

You outlook in life is amazing!!! You are an inspiration to all and for that...I thank you! {{{hugs}}}

btw...Love Mary J and that song rocks!

Scrappin' Mama said...

You are an amazing person. My thoughts and prayers are with you...HUGS!

Angela W said...

I also like that song. I just happen to hear one time that I wasn't listening to Air1. I know sometimes it can be hard to not think of the bad things that we have been through or loved ones lost, but it wouldn't do us any good to. I try to remember that everything happens for some reason, some we may not know why until much later though.