Sunday, December 07, 2008

December 7

Today is my littlest brothers 20th birthday

I have been quite sick for the past several days and after loads of lab work on Friday.....seriously how many times are you going to stick me with needles OUCH!... I became worse off. Hmmmmm makes sense now ... you take loads of blood from someone they are bound to not be able to fight off illness as effectively. Anyway I have faith that I am getting better... the tongue is a creative force... so I will continue to speak it until it is so. Hopefully I will be better tomorrow just in time for my finals.

Advent Calendar
Chocolate icecream with hot fudge and marshmallows (you can tell which nights daddy has picked the surprise.... both had to do with ICE CREAM)


Angela W said...

Keep believing it! You will get better! Good luck with your finals! Let's have lunch soon!!

Angela said...

I hope you and everyone else start feeling better soon.

I am lovin' your Advent calendar choices so far.

Good luck on finals!