Friday, July 18, 2008

Where did the month go

looks like i have been slacking on my blog again.....
The kids are still at the in-laws and I have been filling my days with loads of fun.
I have read 2 whole books (almost anyway still have about 30 pages on the 2nd one)

and I have been working on the bible study I received from a dear friend. I work on it diligently for a few weeks then set it aside then I go back to it only to start from the very beginning again. So needless to say I haven't made it very far but each time I REread it I am learning more. Thanks Ash..

I have of course been working A TON -- even had some overtime on a few paychecks

Went to the college and enrolled in school.... shortly after i UNenrolled (is that even a word? who knows?) Heath and I decided I will start back to school next semester in January. I can't wait!!! I feel like I have waited my whole life to become a nurse. Well in all honesty I had hoped to become a pediatrician but then I married and had kids. Nursing suits me better anyhow ;)

We went to Houston to visit the kiddos last week -- they are so tan .... they look like cooked pinto beans. I got a huge chuckle out of it. They are both swimming so well now. They could swim before but they now have a confidence about them.

Unfortunately on the first day of our visit we found out that Heath's cousin Shirley passed away. She was a wonderful woman. We stayed with her and her husband when we first moved to Texas. I can't tell you the number of nights we stayed up talking -- watching 7th Heaven reruns -- and just sharing our lives with each other. She was there for me before she even knew who I was, at the wreck. I am so thankful I took the time to tell her how much that meant to me .... How much she meant to me ... She was the most loving, caring, giving, and godly woman I have ever met. She will be missed greatly but I know we will meet again.

The day after we arrived home from Houston Johnny and Crissee had their baby. A little girl born at 30 weeks gestation. She is so tiny only 2lbs and 2oz and 15 inches long. I was able to see her in the NICU. I will add pictures when i finally get them off of my camera ;)

so that is a quick outline
what have YOU been up to this summer


Angela said...

Good luck with school.
Glad you have a nice visit with the kiddos. Sorry about your families loss.

ashlee said...

i can't wait to see pics of the baby...and the tattoo! i was hoping for a good one on here:)