Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama

The president elect is Barack Obama. I am sure this isn't breaking news as most of us heard it last night. But I had to blog about how excited I was for Noah. He really wanted Mr. Obama to win. Now, whether I agree with him or not is not the issue. We try not to sway our children either way but raise them to be independent critical thinkers. I must say the passion that Noah had about Barack was amazing. He was a little confused about his position on the war. I think Noah's biggest concern these days is global warming. He is so passionate about animals - and just when I think he can't become anymore engulfed in them he surprises me.

After leaving Target last night while still in the car Noah yells from the back seat

"Vote Barack Obama - Save the Polar Bears"

I can't wait until he is 18 and can exercise his right to vote - it truly is a privilege to live in this great country.


Angela W said...

This is too cute! We are trying to be the same with Eriq. They had a mock vote at school yesterday. We think he is still too young to understand it yet though.

mimi said...

I think that is where we as Christian parents have gone wrong. Allowing our children to make up their own minds and not guiding them towards what we know is scripturally right. Why, as the Christian that you say you are, would you not try to lead your child towards what is scripturally right? I have two seven yr old grandsons and their parents explained to them that because Mr. Obama was for late term abortion (murder) and same sex relationships (homosexuallity) that it is wrong of us as Christians believing the Bible is God's holy word to support Mr. Obama. And no I do not think these seven year olds are too young to talk with about these subjects. After all they both have made the ultimate decision to ask Jesus into their hearts and to be the Lord of their lives. So being 'old enough' to understand that then they are old enough to be spiritually guided. Not left to make up their own minds, (because if you think they will not face peer pressure, you are in for a rude awakening). To me that is why our young people today are having such a hard time knowing right from wrong, their Christian parents have not led them but let them find their own way.

I am posting as anonymous but if you want my email address, ask me.

I am not posting to argue, I am just tired of our young people not getting the direction they need from their parents. After all if they don't get it now at your son's young age, they won't want it when they are teen agers or old enough to vote.

Michelle said...

I completely agree with you Shawna. We can only give our children a moral foundation and then teach them to explore all sides of an issue and hope that they come to a good conclusion. My children will never agree with me on all things, and that is ok with me. Their decisions will be based on their life experiences, which won't be the same as me. I am frustrated that my inlaws and husband do not share this belief when it comes to a lot of issues. They are trying to force my children to agree with them and that their mother is an idiot for thinking otherwise. We will not always be there to guide their decisions; we can only give them the tools and hope and pray that they use them.

AmyR said...

Shawnna, there is nothing wrong with what you are doing, and people need to remember this is your blog, your thoughts so if they don't like something they have read they should just let it go and move one. Geez. Love ya girl!