Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sept 25th

just realized I haven't posted in a while
not a lot going on the kids were sick last week
Noah had strep and I guess Makenna had some little stomach bug

I haven't been feeling well for a couple of weeks my neck was tender and honestly I just thought my lymph nodes were a little swollen - maybe I was trying to come down with something -- and with the hours I have been keeping trying to stay on top of all of my school work it would make sense that it would all contribute to my immune system being compromised.

Anyway two weeks later my neck still hurts and I have been getting a lot of headaches as well - so I decided to go to the dr. today maybe she would put me on some antibiotics or something?

She found a nodule :(

Could be nothing at all - she gave me some meds and we are going to look at it again next week to see if it has gone down - if not I will go to an ENT and have it biopsied - she debated on sending me on over there but I REALLY HATED those biopsies so I would rather wait a week and see - I am praying there is no need for it

in good news though - my mom is coming to visit tomorrow - she had her birthday on Monday so this will be a little belated b-day celebration. Should be fun. The kids will be in school so I will have her all to myself :)

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Scrappin' Mama said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Shawnna.