Monday, May 11, 2009

I was tagged by my sweet friend Ashlee last week, and due to all the hair pulling finals I had to take, I am just now getting to it.

What's your current obsession? music,owls, hedgehogs, toadstools, and mermaids
What's your weirdest obsession? ummm....see the list above
What are you wearing today? flip flops with jeans and a tee of course
Why is today special? well.... I'm breathing so I say it's off to a good start ;)
What would you like to learn to do? I would love to learn to play the piano, sew something more than straight lines, knit/crochet..... the list is endless
What's the last thing you bought? Fish .... it's what's for dinner
What are you listening to right now? Jason Mraz and my new neighbors russelling around upstairs.
What's your favorite weather? I like it HOT HOT HOT (I have some sort of weird cold intolerance that I blame on my thyroid or lack there of)
What's your most challenging goal right now? becoming a NURSE....finishing my degree, with all these moves it seems to be getting further and further out of reach
What do you think about the person who tagged you? Ashlee is super sweet and creative.
What's your favorite guilty pleasure? No Bake Cookies --- I just luv em' but only make them once or twice a year because I just can't resist them
Favorite vacation spot? I like Mexico .... but there is the swine flu issue
What would you like to have in your hands right now? a cup of coffee I am freezing but don't want to turn the heat on
What would you like to get rid of? All of our excess STUFF ..... living in a tiny apartment with the majority of your belongings in a storage building for a year really makes you think
If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Italy or Iran
What language do you want to learn? spanish for work purposes but italian just because it is such a beautiful language
What super power would you like to possess? i don't know
What's your favorite thing about the city you live in? ummmm.... the fact that there is virtually NO TRAFFIC
What's your favorite piece of clothing in your closet? my seven jeans and my simple shoes
What's your dream job? NURSE
If you had $150 now what would you spend it on? if I was spending it on myself probably some actions for Photoshop
Do you admire anyone's style? I think there is something unique about everyone's individual style so I guess I admire you ALL!!
Describe your personal style. comfy and casual
Who's fashion show would you want tickets to? could I stay home and read instead
Who's closet would you like to raid? no clue
What are you most proud of? My family .... our love for Christ and each other
If you could choose one person who had passed to have lunch with who would it be and why? my son
If you're tagged...get to answering! Copy the questions and tag some of your friends just to tick them off!!(love that)
1. aloughridge
2. Nicole Maki
3. Janine
4. Angela

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Katja mit Fabian und Florian said...

Hi from Germany,

I found your blog by chance.

My son, Fabian, age 10, is wheelchair bound since he fell from a tree two years ago.

It was a very hard time for all of us after Fabians accident. The moment when the doctor told us, that Fabian is paralyzed and the moment when we must told him that he never walk again, was so terrible. Especially terrible was the day, when Fabian got his first wheelchair. I still cry when I saw him sitting in his wheelchair at the first time.

But Fabian is so brave! I am so proud of him.

Since his accident Fabian visits a school for special needs kids. All other kids in his class are disabled, too. The most kids must use a wheelchair, tree kids can walk with a walker / quad canes.

Every Saturday Fabian visits a sport group for children in wheelchairs. Two hours they play together in their wheelchairs. It is so funny for the kids.

Two month ago he got a new “Spidermann”-wheelchair.

If you are interest I will send you some photos of him in his new wheelchair.

I will be glad about a short answer mail.

Best wishes Katja